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  1. If there is any reason to believe it might happen, the National League clubs are complaining about getting loans rather than grants so may give some consideration to suspending the league, in which case Chesterfield surely won't be making signings. You'd think Gunning would only be walking away from Gloucester if he knows a concrete offer is on the table though.
  2. The Gloucester manager took the Chesterfield job and is apparently taking half the squad with him, so sadly that's probably all there is to it.
  3. It was only two seasons before joining us that O'Connor had scored 12 goals in the top flight, 16 in all competitions in his second spell at Hibs. There was serious talk of him getting back into the Scotland squad with his form that season. Cocaine's a hell of a drug.
  4. I'm assuming some bad wording from the Record because loans run window to window, so the end date has to be 1 January at the earliest. Rangers could have recalled him early, but there's really no point in them doing that as they can't send him anywhere else until the window opens either. When they're linking him with other clubs you'd assume there is something in it so maybe Rangers have decided they'd rather see him tested in England and tonight's the last we'll see of him. Nesbitt straight into the team in the same role if that's the case.
  5. We have 20 years of valid reasons not to believe them, frankly. That said, I'd said in one of the other threads on here that I'd presumed Golden Casket were doing nothing to cover the shortfall considering the stories we were hearing, and it's good to hear that's not the case.
  6. That gives some clarity which the club have been failing to provide. There are still major questions here which need answers - appreciate that some of those are for the club to reveal rather than MCT - and it's right that Golden Casket have completely lost the slightest element of trust from the support in light of the events of the last week, but it's a massive relief to know the situation isn't as bad as was being made out and there are no concerns about players being paid in full or the club imminently going under. That said, it was the club themselves that spoke of serious financial issues and used the exact words "if we are to survive" in the statement announcing Hopkin's departure so this can't be put down to media hysteria, even if we did have a classic case of Keith Jackson taking a kernel of truth and constructing a mountain of baseless speculation with talk of clubs not making it to the end of the month. It was Crawford Rae's own statement that unleashed this and turned the fanbase at large from a common position on the stadium of concerned but willing to wait and see what happens with the lease into vociferous opposition to any kind of continued involvement from Golden Casket.
  7. Yeah, that's one aspect which would have been a ridiculous extravagance, although of course no one should have told him he'd be getting that if it was never going to happen. Agreeing to contribute to someone's petrol money for their commute as part of a negotiation is one thing, putting them up in a hotel to save them a drive from Stirling to Greenock is another entirely.
  8. Reghan Tumilty has some interesting revelations about the club last season: https://www.stonewallermag.co.uk/post/reghan-tumilty-homeward-bound
  9. Injured in pre-season, got fit and played one game in the League Cup, got injured again and still isn't back. They've also changed their manager while he's been out so who knows if he'll ever get a look in again.
  10. Most of that is completely unsurprising confirmation of the rotten culture around Morton at the time, and it's pretty embarrassing to think how many people in football have heard stories like this and view Morton as a tinpot joke due to that hard earned reputation for mismanagement at a boardroom level. It'll take years of hard work to fix that. Despite most of that being unsurprising, the McGuffie/Jenkins board meeting story is unbelievable.
  11. 83rd minute equaliser to send them down. Shame that.
  12. I was looking forward to finding out how the club could manage to make things the big bad Morton fans fault when none of us are even allowed in the fucking ground, but I see we've made it there after two league games. Sterling work.
  13. After a 3-0 swording from local rivals Inter Turku, Jonatan Johansson's TPS now need two wins from their last two games to avoid the relegation playoff, while hoping 10th placed Mariehamn also lose both their games. They have one win in their last nine, which came against bottom placed RoPS who have just five points having lost 18 of their 21 games. Their overall record under Johansson is W4 D3 L9, so winning two out of two, one against second placed KuPS, is a long shot.
  14. Literally touched the ball once in that 12 minutes. Pound for pound the best signing we've ever made, IMO.
  15. Regardless of how Welsh plays for Celtic, there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying he was shite for Morton: that's an undeniable fact to anyone with the slightest understanding of football who watched him. I reckon he might still turn out to be excellent centre back, but he's clearly not a right back and as that's where he played every week he was dreadful. Even in the unlikely event he goes on to play at the highest level and win the Champions League several times, it won't change that fact.
  16. As the Championship is sticking with three subs per game rather than going up to five, which I completely agree with, we're also staying with seven on the bench rather than going up to nine. Assuming that Nesbitt and McPake will be starters along with one striker, it's going to be interesting to see who among McGuffie, Omar, Oliver, Wallace, Orsi, Muirhead and MacIver can't even get a place on the bench when everyone is available. Unless the squad building policy is extended to team selection and we don't bother with any defenders on the bench either. Considering that Blues scored on Tuesday, there's a fair chance Lyon isn't even going to make the 18 man squad which is wild.
  17. I love the AFCON. Their decision to move from odd years to even years not leading to a three year break but instead resulting in three tournaments in four years was tremendous.
  18. I'll be seething if he isn't utter shite, but playing for ICT means he will by default be solid without standing out.
  19. They just tweeted this: So confirmation they will be streaming, but this is not the kind of thing you do a marketing countdown with. We need details on pricing, how to buy it, where we stream it, what platforms is it available on, etc. They really can't stop getting this kind of thing wrong.
  20. Another forward would be tremendous patter even by Hopkin's standards. Even if we get to some ridiculous place where we're playing 2-3-5 with the midfield three having two wingers in it we won't be able to fit them all on the bench.
  21. The normal day to day revenue of the club, exactly as it did before the MCT takeover. While MCT money isn't going to go entirely to the first team budget once they're in charge, it's not like MCT membership money is the only income into the club. The every day revenue from ticket sales (Covid-19 dependent) and commercial activity - which you'd hope would improve from the farce of the last 20 years with new owners at the top conducting a review of how the club operates - is still going to be there with MCT contributions on top of it. That's exactly what the club has been surviving on as a break even model under Crawford Rae already with Golden Casket not putting anything in so there's no change there. The balance to find for MCT is obviously how much of member contributions to put into running costs versus building up reserves for unexpected costs arising when you don't have an owner with deep pockets, but the deep pockets were already taken out of the equation two years ago.
  22. Meaning something like: McAdams Ledger - Fjortoft - McAlister Salkeld - Colville - Jacobs - Strapp Nesbitt Oliver - MacIver I don't hate that, although that's two unknown quantities in defence and a question mark over where goals come from. I suppose you could also set the front three up as an even more attacking 3-4-3 rather than 3-4-1-2 to indulge Hopkin's love of wingers. There's obviously a problem with how we keep all the attacking players happy but we can't do that in any system when we have about 27 of them. This leaves all of McPake, Wallace, Omar, Lyon, McGuffie, Orsi and Muirhead out of the team. There's also the possibility Hopkin would want another body in the middle rather than being so attacking, whether that's McAlister with McGinty/McLean starting at the back or Lyon/Omar slotting into the centre which would put the out and out forwards even further from a start. All the 5-4 games will be a hoot.
  23. Ledger seemingly played both right back and centre back in his brief time at Queens. Whether this actually constitutes 'being able to play right back' as opposed to 'being stuck there as a last resort with no one else available and floundering' in the manner of Stephen Welsh and Kyle Jacobs remains to be seen. If the plan is a back four with Ledger at right back then we're still extremely short on numbers in defence with the prospect of Jacobs at full back whenever Strapp or Ledger are out, which isn't an acceptable position to be in. If it's a back three then we don't look as short with McAlister being a credible centre back option in a three in a way he isn't in a two, but that still leaves a question mark over who the right wing back would be - hope to get away with Salkeld there defensively?
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