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  1. Did you buy a ticket from them online when attending games was a thing?
  2. The argument that we'll need some cheaper fringe players in the squad to provide cover does not stand up as a defence of giving a contract to Blues. If anything it makes it even worse. We're operating at the bottom of the full-time market in Scotland and which means you have to take gambles with some of your signings. Inevitably some of them won't work out and you'll end up with players who just aren't up to it like Omar, but this is the nature of recruitment at this level. Identifying potential and using your budget wisely with those bargain signings is a crucial part of a manager's job and something they're massively judged on, it's not pot luck. In the case of Blues though it's not even a big gamble on a player who may not be good enough which might backfire, it's just wasting a wage on a player who everyone already knows isn't good enough. Whatever the wage is, throwing the same total at a random League Two jobber in a wild gamble would be an objectively better use of it; that jobber might turn out to be a competent Championship player however unlikely it is, but we know for sure that Blues won't. I don't see how MacPherson can even justify it himself. He was in charge for 15 games and only started Blues in four of them. All four were against League One sides: he didn't trust Blues against Championship opposition. At a crucial stage of the season Blues was nowhere to be seen. After coming on as a sub against Dundee, he was bombed out the matchday squad entirely for the Hearts, Alloa and Arbroath games. He was so far down the pecking order he couldn't even get in an 18 man squad, being moved down that order due to consistently terrible performances, which continued even against League One opposition when he was bizarrely brought back in from nowhere for the playoffs. Yet now we're supposed to accept that he's somehow a decent option for a fringe player, when MacPherson has talked about having a smaller squad with an emphasis on quality over quantity? Alarm bells are ringing massively here. If our smaller but quality squad has players of Blues' standard in it, then the odds of consistently putting 11 players good enough for the Championship on the park aren't promising.
  3. I never said it wouldn't be. I like your thinking that we wouldn't have kept MacPherson and seen him give shite like Blues a new contract as a League One club anyway though.
  4. Blues being given a new contract has by itself killed whatever little optimism there was for next season and confirmed that we won't be putting anything approaching a decent squad together. It was always going to be an uphill battle with some gambles on signings with our place in the pecking order, but any notion that we're even attempting to build a squad of quality over quantity vanishes when you hand a contract to a player everyone knows is lightyears out of his depth at this level. If we get to the end of 2029 and we're doing teams of the decade again, we'll have to have had an exceptionally bad decade if Blues isn't making it in there. He's never a Championship footballer in a million years.
  5. Duffy joins Hopkin's coaching staff at Ayr: https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/duffy-joins-coaching-staff They're really leaning into this B Team thing.
  6. Okay, now alarm bells are ringing that we might offer deals to the rest. The fact that remaining group includes Butler is what gives me hope that's not the case and they're just drip feeding details as they have conversations with players, but that would seem a weird way to go about things. The remaining out of contract players are McAdams, Butler, Ledger, Blues, Millar, McGuffie, Colville, Oliver, Orsi and Muirhead, plus some more youngsters who've never been near a squad. Surely there's no way we're retaining all of them while running with a smaller squad? Some of them just obviously aren't up to the Championship.
  7. Are you thinking of one time Championship Manager superstar Gary McGlynn? Had a series of howlers against us, particularly when we beat them 5-2 at Cappielow in 05/06.
  8. Wouldn't read anything into that about anyone being offered new deals. While Nesbitt and Johnson have been removed as well, McGinn's still there and we know his loan's expiring even if we are going to try bringing him back. I'm sure some players in that 'on loan' section have been released now as well? With Wallace and Omar already having been away on loan and Johnson having been bombed out as soon as MacPherson came in, those three had possibly already been told they weren't being offered new deals weeks ago but the club haven't announced anything yet as they're going to do a proper update detailing everyone who'll be released and they haven't had that conversation with the likes of Orsi yet. I'm taking that as updating players who are away already rather than meaning all the rest have had offers.
  9. I think he noticeably tailed off towards the end of the season despite having a better season overall than 19/20. With that in mind you'd hope we're not planning to have him start him every week, but then if we're handing out contracts to 36 year old centre backs as cover it would suggest we're not really going for the quality over quantity approach either.
  10. That's an excellent start, was resigned to losing him.
  11. Yeah, we'd actually have been lumped in the unseeded rabble had it still been only four in Europe.
  12. Ideally get something easy and unfamiliar but we'll inevitably get Partick, Queen's Park and Dumbarton. If we do get East Kilbride and end up away I won't be attending as those scabs will never get a penny from me, but nevertheless I hope we would absolutely crush them rather than taking it easy if we get a comfortable lead.
  13. If I I had to guess I would say that means Nesbitt has already chosen to go elsewhere rather than being released, which is why he's being announced now and everyone being released will be announced later. We know that the likes of Wallace, Omar and Johnson won't be getting new contracts from MacPherson so I'm certainly not taking announcing Nesbitt leaving and no one else to mean everyone else is getting an offer.
  14. Fully expecting it to be confirmation of MacPherson, but we'll see if we get some more interesting players news along with it.
  15. Danny Rogers released by Kilmarnock.
  16. Good start. He was a trier but ultimately isn't ever going to be good enough for this level. Getting players who are surplus to requirements out the door before even confirming who the manager will be is encouraging, and those players going to a potential relegation rival can only be a good thing.
  17. This should be happening next season, along with all the others juniors still outside the pyramid. Meaning Brechin will be a whole one tier above Brechin Vics.
  18. I'd expect Partick to be fine and while Dunfermline is obviously dependent on who they appoint, but they will again have a budget blowing ours out of the water. With massive questions over how Kilmarnock will adjust to relegation it could be a wide open division where at least half the sides will see themselves as potential title challengers, but on the strength of this season and the extent of rebuild needed we're the obvious relegation favourites. We need to get the right appointment and make it very quickly.
  19. While much of the shit Ferguson gets is undoubtedly due to his playing background, there's also absolutely no doubt that he's only in the frame for getting a bigger job due to that background. Winning the Lowland League and labouring past an awful Brechin side with a squad which is League One playoff challenging material would not be grounds to get the vast majority of managers a job like Alloa after the total catastrophe he oversaw at Clyde. It's right that managers get a chance to bounce back at a lower level after doing dreadful jobs as they may have learned from their mistakes. If they demonstrate that with the job they do then step back up good for them, but having not faced any of the challenges that led to Clyde's implosion Ferguson hasn't and his experience at Kelty clearly says nothing about his suitability for a club like Alloa. Ferguson getting that job on the strength of his performance with Kelty while ignoring his failings at Clyde would be like Ray McKinnon getting the Dunfermline job on the strength of his performance at Queen's Park with a Championship budget, ignoring the disaster he was at Falkirk. Although even in the Snake's case it wouldn't be as wild as Ferguson, because you can at least present examples of him doing well in the past at a club like Raith. The only success Ferguson has to point to is the heavily qualified steamrollering of a league most of his squad would never have been near if it wasn't for obscene amounts of money relative to their opposition.
  20. Obviously the ideal scenario was that Cove won the league and Montrose won the playoffs relegating Ayr in the process, but considering the likelihood of us being in them then thank fuck we're not going to meet Partick. The thought of being relegated by Tiffoney and Graham in a playoff is horrible.
  21. While the legal and financial aspects of the takeover deal and day one of ownership are the most important details and they'll have understandably taken up the bulk of the MCT team's time recently, I note that the document states "we will look to use relevant expertise to develop a strategic outlook for the footballing operations at the club following transfer of ownership." I appreciate that work may be ongoing and some details may not be appropriate for public disclosure, but this close to the summer and with the extent of the rebuild required at the club I was hoping for some more detail on the wider football strategy. This is important regardless of what division we're in but especially so if relegated. Has the time with MCT representatives working alongside people at the club not provided the opportunity to develop that strategy so it's ready to go on day one following the transfer of ownership? If not, is there at least someone who can provide that expertise lined up to be recruited immediately so that if there are urgent decisions to be made, for example regarding a managerial appointment, that decision is being taken by someone with the knowledge to make an informed choice rather than well-meaning volunteers? I always understood that fan-owned wouldn't mean fan run and we'd be bringing in expertise where required. However if we don't have that expertise in place from the start and for whatever reason Gus MacPherson is no longer the manager, we immediately have people without footballing expertise making a crucial decision for the future of the club, with the likelihood of part-time football and a future akin to Airdrie, Clyde or worse should we be in League One and fail to win promotion at the first time of asking. Even with a manager in place, we would have no one equipped to avoid the situation we saw in the summer transfer window of 2020 where the lack of structure in the club meant no one could overrule a manager building the wildly imbalanced squad that has left us staring relegation in the face. The lack of a wider footballing strategy remains a concern even if we do have an expert in place, as having that strategy ready should play a role in determining the type of manager we appoint.
  22. And yet we did sign three more forwards before the season started. None of them made a difference either. I'm not disagreeing that the lack of goals is what's relegated us here - no team with this bad a goals to game ratio has ever stayed out of the bottom two or made it through the playoffs. However it was entirely correct and necessary to sign more defenders as a priority when we only had Strapp, McLean and McGinty as first team options, and indeed if we'd been able to keep McGinty away from the team all season we'd have been better off as well. That Hopkin failed to add any quality in a further three attacking signings in addition to the seven he'd already made, or McElhone when he made another two, isn't an argument that we should have further neglected the defence as well. It's an argument that David Hopkin is a moron who didn't have a clue what he was doing, as he was spending more than enough on attacking wages as it was to recruit real quality.
  23. Golden Casket leaving with anything after the decades of damage they've done rankles, but a debt free club with ownership of the stadium is considerably better than we had before. I still think it might be too late to avert catastrophe and if we go down this season we won't be back at this level for years, if ever. Turning into Clyde is more likely than turning into Airdrie and it's easy to see turmoil on and off the park feeding off each other and sinking MCT's credibility before they properly get going. If they're planning to overhaul every aspect of the club with the ultimate aim of purging the social club mentality and becoming a properly professional outfit then it's going to take years to achieve and longer to rehabilitate the club's reputation, which has been a laughing stock for the entirety of Golden Casket's reign and has plumbed new depths this season. We could do with five minutes of stability on the park to facilitate that - if they're trying to carry out a restructure of the club against drastically reduced income from being in League One while showing no sign of a promotion challenge and possibly going part-time, they're obviously more limited in what can be done. Relegation from the Championship is always going to be a risk for a club floating around the bottom end of full time budgets, but there's really no worse summer it could happen. While we have more reasons to be pessimistic than optimistic about the future, the previous deal was nothing short of a death sentence regardless of what division we were in. There's at least a route to survival from here.
  24. These discussions were had before we did make several more signings in both areas. Our lack of quality in attack has been the main factor in our now odds on relegation, but without the defensive signings we'd have been considerably worse off as well. We signed Ledger, Fjortoft, MacIver, McPake and Wallace weeks later. Those were two entirely necessary defensive signings, and you can take all three of the further attacking signings failing to address our obvious deficiency up with David Hopkin.
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