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  1. Cheers. He played for him at Raith didn't he?
  2. Forgot he existed and I can't really remember much about his time with us. Which manager brought him in?
  3. My thoughts exactly. A fucking shameless gang of robbing bastard's.
  4. Thought this was a good idea to be honest. Loads of good prizes too.
  5. According to live score Omar scores for Dumbarton assisted by..... Wait for it Sam Ramsbottom. Finished a. 1-1 draw with lolkirk
  6. I really liked Stef. Workrate was second to none and he had something about him too. Shame he was a cunt that thought he could do better.
  7. Where are they playing their home games from now on? Lesser hampden?
  8. How does that guy continue to pick up trials for professional teams
  9. One of my favourite players when I was younger and one of the best fullbacks in my near 40 years supporting morton. Can't argue with that though. He's a prick of a man.
  10. I liked mullan when he was here. Plenty of effort and the odd flash of skill but I am continuously surprised that he keeps getting decent moves.
  11. Clear that Hopkin never really rated tumilty in the first place. I'd say our lack of any decent options mad ehim look better than he actually was.
  12. Anyone know what's happening with wee Fred? Don't think I've seen him in any match day squads for Forest.
  13. I thought he was decent for us. If memory serves me right he wasn't with us for very long though?
  14. Was in smiths today and has a good look at the 3rd top. The stick in sponsor takes the look away from it. Think they missed the boat not having it in the material and the same colour as the badge. The kids tops also look to be a lighter shade of blue than the adults tops.
  15. They chose to go with joma as vision were absolutely hopeless at fulfilling orders. MitC were getting a lot of complaints from coaches, kids and the parents about it. The joma gear isn't the best in terms of designs but they are much more reliable.
  16. The joma gear is for the morton community teams.
  17. Can't believe some people are actually saying mckee was decent for us. I thought he was awful. Heart the size of a pea and offered very little to the team. One of these players who came with a good reputation but was piss poor.
  18. Big lamie strolling it at left back against hibs. He's been good going forward too. Playing some really good passes.
  19. Smart. Hopefully a sign of more to come.
  20. Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Quitongo ended up back here.
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