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  1. Would have liked to see him stay.Took his time to get up to speed and was a decent addition to the squad. Not overly disappointed though as there's better out there. My concern is that Queens may be a more attractive option than us with him and now really leaving for them.
  2. Bought the new kit today for my son as he asked for it for his birthday. Not impressed at all. It looks even worse in the flesh and is covered in sponsorship. The fact that the sponsor has been printed on rather than part of the material is poor imo. I won't be buying it for myself.
  3. Stuart Duncan leaving after less than 7 months in post is a strange one. I wonder if its been due to differing opinions on the pending investment?
  4. He spoke about loans and free agents. Trying to be optimistic and hoping that we are waiting for some targets.
  5. Not expecting much activity in the next fortnight if the gaffer is on holiday?
  6. I thought forces would have definitely been on the list.
  7. 2 year deal is surprising. Happy he's signed on but we definitely need better players around him. I'm happy to trust Sir Dougie.
  8. Interested to see what we've went for. Hopefully both tops are available for summer holidays
  9. Happy with that. I liked him when he was with us last time out. I really hope this Dougie to Hamilton talk is all bullshit. That would be a killer for us.
  10. Jazz juttla played in the Ryan Mcdonald tournament at Cappielow today and looked like he could still do a job. Fantastic fitness and ability for 47 years old.
  11. Sack yourself as well. You're a storyteller.
  12. Seemed to be doing a good job and anytime I have had communication with him he's been very responsive and helpful. Shame he's leaving.
  13. Surprised that we are looking to keep most of the squad. We'll really need to make good use of the loan market again to enhance the squad.
  14. Wonder of there's any scope to tweak on of those designs. I'd be hopeful of something better than those 2.
  15. The hoops is the top that the community teams wear. Pretty basic to be honest but I think any off the shelf number will look like that compared to previous years strips.
  16. Wouldn't be surprised to see them go for Duffy.
  17. I've been in and around the community teams for a few years now as a coach and the commitment from the coaches has always been excellent. We have some really good players at all levels and just need to hope that other academy clubs don't come sniffing as they have done in the past!
  18. Curious to hear what you'd be looking for? I know there's a huge focus on data at the moment in many sectors but it can also be a lengthy process. Not sure if the club have the resources or the time to do this?
  19. These have been going out for a few weeks now mate.
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