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  1. Will take that point. The lads showed great character coming from 2 down. I only saw the 2nd half but we looked a bit dodgy at the back.
  2. Dougie at the Accies v Arbroath game.
  3. Spent a lot of my younger days in and around Cappielow and have find memories of Mr.McGraw. I used to take some tinnies up to his office after every home game where he'd be sitting with the biggest smile talking about football and smoking a cigar. Heaven just gained a wonderful person and a new no.9.
  4. 2 utterly detestable clubs with a shower of horrible cunts for fans. Fuck them.
  5. Could say the same about us when he took over.
  6. Liam Fox sacked by Dundee United. Each time another Premier league job comes up I worry a little bit more than someone will come sniffing about Dougie. I know its inevitable but still...
  7. Looked like it was going to be one of those days especially when McGrattan blazed his chance over the bar. Fair play to the lads for sticking at it and Dougies changes made a massive difference. Shay logan and Naismith are total cunts
  8. Anyone from that starting 11 last week would be incredibly hard done by if they were dropped but it's a great conversation to be having.
  9. It will be interesting to see how we lone up tomorrow. Go with the same 11 that started against Dundee or do we bring in Miller, Muirhead and A. Crawford. It's great to have so many options.
  10. The guy who was with rangers a.few years ago?
  11. Another player I was disappointed to see move on last season. Surprised he's left Queens.
  12. Looking up the table that's a good set of results for us.
  13. Nicky low signs for Clydebank. Thanks Arbroath and Kelty in his tweet for allowing his to move closer to home.for family reasons. Would've been delightful to see him sign for us earlier in the season but now I'm not sure he's what we need. He also hasn't exactly set league 1 alight. Thoughts?
  14. Need to know the words for that doozie! Thinking about last night. I singled out a few players for praise but in reality there wasn't a bad player in that team. Schwake and the back 4 were solid amd commanding. Really like the look of Waters and Pignatiello was much better after his last start. Midfield absolutely tremendous. Grimmy, Blues and Crawford worked their arse off and covered some amount of ground. Up top Mcgrattan is a class act and we are so much better as a team when he plays. Oakley a presence all night and thought his link up play with Crawford was good. Jai gets a bit of stick and he's very one dimensional but it's effective and he gives teams something to worry about. Hope his injury isn't too bad- looked like his groin went? Thought Roy did well when he came on and seemed to have the confidence to try and beat players. Also put in a lot of work. King came on and helped to see the game out. All of this without Muirhead, Miller and Gillespie.
  15. Tidser. One of the best football players I've ever seen at scapa.
  16. love to see those horrible cunts struggling on and off the pitch.
  17. Not an ex player but Neil Warnock comes our of retirement to take over at Huddersfield. Send a player or 2 our way Neil.
  18. Get it right fucking up that horrible cunt. Also anything that puts those rotten fuckers into turmoil is wonderful to hear. A strange one on the back of that game though.
  19. What a result and sounds like a good performance. Gutted I couldn't make it. Onwards and upwards Morton!!!
  20. Said the same mate. I'd spend a fortune on these!
  21. Makes sense. Lithgow was a decent player for us and always gave his all. Hopefully he has another club lined up.
  22. Watched most of the game and thought Cove looked OK in the early stages. First goal killed them and they never looked like scoring.
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