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  1. Absolutely that revised version looks much better and the white shorts Make a difference too.
  2. If you weren't comparing the two then please do tell what you were attempting to do. As for playing football 'at any level' I'll treat that with the contempt it deserves. For starters your claiming that having a dodgy goalkeeper will only have an adverse effect on defenders......
  3. I'm fairly confident that anyone who has the common sense to look onto next season has factored in who may or may not be in the league. As for comparing Ramsbottom to Schwake? Shut the fuck up.
  4. Fully agree with this. Overall this has been a really successful season for us and everyone should keep this in mind. We were favourite for relegated at the start of the season and have comfortably stayed in this league. I've said before that we need to think long term and it'll be an exciting pre season and season 23/24 with Dougie at the helm, the majority of the squad signed up and resources there to add to and enhance the squad. This is the best shape we've been in for quite some time going into a pre season.
  5. You could see the players were mindful of 'diving in' earlier in the game and its evident in the first half highlights At 3-1 individuals lost their composure as Dundee went all out to get something from the game. For their Thurs who gave away the foul?
  6. Totally agree about Tumilty. He's a good player at this level and u wouldn't be surprised if Dougie is interested. O'Ware I'd be surprised at though. Haven't really heard much about him over the past few years but I'm happy to back Dougie and his judgement.
  7. A really frank and honest assessment from Dougie and he's bang on. He's spoken a lot this season about how the coaching team can analyse and coach as much as they want midweek but when the game starts it's on the players. The issues hes identified are the exact same issues the fans are. Was really interesting to hear him speak about the team being men, fight for each other, see it out etc. Also spoke about and aired towards players not diving in and how defending isn't just about tackling. Hopefully this informs his recruiting for next season. Can see he's genuinely gutted today and hopefully this is turned into a positive for the next 3 games
  8. It's clear that we have a vulnerability with balls into the box. Something that will need to be addressed if we improve next season. Looked like we were on course for a brilliant 3 points. So disappointing to come away with 1.
  9. Let's fucking put this mob to the sword. Horrible cunts.
  10. I think he's got the makings of a good manager. Knows the game well, has lots of playing experience and recently set up his own coaching business. Will be interested to see how it pans out for him
  11. Could see us getting some belters re-released
  12. Thanks to Graham for all of your hard work and dedication to MCT and the club. Hopefully he is back to full health as soon as possible.
  13. I'd be happy to keep schwake and waters for another season. Schwake is a young keeper who is learning all the time and overall has done a good job this season. Waters has been consistently solid since he came in. Not sure we could get an upgrade on hum but who knows what Dougie has up his sleeve. I'd grimmy goes we need another option at right back. I like Pignatiello but not sure he is good enough to be first choice. Said in another thread that I wouldn't be against tumilty coming back. Of everyone that's signed up so far we need to add a gk, 2 fullbacks, centre back, centre mid and 1/2 wingers/ forwards. That's assuming strapp, efe, Grimmy, Miller, quitongo, schwake, waters, Crawford and Roy leave.
  14. I know he's a wee dick but I'd have tumilty here next season. Good fullback for this level and can play on both sides. Solid enough defensively and good going forward ( puts tin hat on)
  15. 3 points and a win will do! Thought the first half was pretty even and we were unlucky not to score through Muirhead. Second half we make 2 early changes and we see a difference. We could have scored a few more if it wasn't for last gasp defending and a great save by the accies keeper. Thought big Darragh was brilliant tonight, Grimmy his usual consistent self and Gillespie seems to be getting fitter by the game. Not miller's biggest fab but he had a good game and Robbie led the line well. Seeing Darian McKinnon lose the rag after Muirheads foul late on was funny and they had words at full time . Onto Saturday and no reason why we can't go to Dundee and get another 3 points.
  16. That's the frustrating part for many. The cliche of 'so close but so far...' Looking forward to seeing what Dougie can do with a more settled squad and stronger financial backing. With that in mind we aren't going to be throwing silly money around and with possibility of Partick, Dunfermline, Falkirk and one or 2 premier league teams there's going to be teams with better resources than us.
  17. Going to try and be the voice of reason for my self more than anyone else here. We started the season with the target of staying in the league and given the squad we had that looked like a challenge. As the games went on and we saw some financial stability off the pitch we were able to add to the enhance the squad and went on that fantastic run which has seen us safe relegation. This raised expectations and standards which is great and inevitably when we don't win games/ play well there's going to be frustration- Dougie acknowledged this recently in an interview. Looking at it realistically I'd say this season has been a successful one albeit frustrating as we have had chances to cement a top 4 place or even genuinely compete for the title. We have the nucleas of the squad signed up for next season and there isn't one of them coming back that I'm disappointed with. Dougie isn't perfect but he's built a team that works hard, competes and can win games in this division. Alongside the board/ MCT etc he has totally transformed our team and our club and I'm optimistic for the season ahead and the next 5 games. No birthday caird pish of let's get behind the team etc... let's just enjoy the last 5 games with the knowledge that we will be in this league next season and that we also still have a chance of getting into the playoffs. Never know what's around the corner and us Ton fans have suffered some shit times in my lifetime. Being optimistic it's a positive to actually be reading these kind of posts and opinions.
  18. I think he may be speaking about Quitongo again? He should have thrown himself at one of the balls that Muirhead put in the box but didn't. If Imrie is speaking about him again you begin to wonder if he'll be here next season.
  19. 2 yellows I'm sure. In isolation that's a good point but doesn't do much for us in the race for the playoffs. Could have went either way as we had chances and so did they. Every game a cup final now if we want to get into the top 4.
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