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  1. Aye I agree. He won't be coming to us
  2. Get on the fucking phone Dougie.
  3. Didn't realise it was O'connor who let the forward go to score the second. Poor defending.
  4. Dougie pretty upfront in his post match analysis. Same Players making individual errors and it won't be tolerated. Assuming we will be bringing reinforcements as at the moment we have very limited options
  5. I'm not disagreeing that there's room for improvement in the squad but I just don't think Blues is as bad as some make out. He caused a goal today yeah and Crawford should have scored. Equally important in the game.
  6. You said he was a standout. I don't agree. For a start he should have buried that chance in the first half.
  7. Crawford did nothing to be a stand out today. It was his poorest game for us so far.
  8. Crawford was equally as poor today. Agree with you about Muirhead and kabia. Both also poor today.
  9. And slaughtering any puppies that dare piss in the wind blowing towards cappielow.
  10. Ayr fans having a meltdown on pnb about possibly being in the stand. Get fucked.
  11. A lot of statements about lyon and how there must be something going on behind the scenes and that he's a better player than blues. I'm not entirely sure I agree. Have we ever seen him play consistently well and influence games in the way an effective central midfielder should? I can't think of many games although has shown flashes. Blues has progressed each season he has played for us and has become a good player at this level. Lyon hasnt and it may just be that he's isn't good enough for championship football. Time will tell I suppose
  12. Killie sign Christian doidge. Wonder if we are one of the clubs looks to take innes Cameron on loan.
  13. We'd be top heavy with central midfielders if that was the case. Blues, Gillespie, Crawford, Lyon and possibly King already there. Low would be a good signing but id rather a striker first
  14. Great play on the left hand side by kabia and a cross. Quitongo took it down and smashed it towards goal. Keeper touches it onto the bar.
  15. Scrappy first half but we've looked comfortable and maybe unlucky not to score imo.
  16. Heard Bullen after the game last night speak highly of his scout and that they have to be looking at the English lower leagues. Agree with what everyone is saying. They Ayrshire cunts don't look any better than us. They just have a guy who can score goals and looks like he will be a big player for them this season. Dundee are fucking rank. Bowyer will be lucky to last until Christmas.
  17. Would Poplatnik (sp) need a work permit as he played in Scotland last season?
  18. He said that we'd explore other options and I'm sure before speaking specifically about a striker he mentioned bringing players in. Could still do with a striker and perhaps another in. We still don't have that creative midfielder that can play a defence splitting pass. With Crawford coming in I'm probably just being greedy.
  19. Would be interesting to hear who it was and hopefully its not dead in the water yet. Positive to hear we are being pro active.
  20. Brilliant news and a real sign of intent imo!!!
  21. I thought it was a bounty and he ate it. Rotten bastard
  22. Raith fans happy to see the back of him by the looks of it.
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