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  1. Worst case scenario there's goalkeepers in the youth academy that could be put on the bench.
  2. O'connor injured I assume? No keeper on the bench is a risk
  3. Lovely stuff. Is there anything better than the lads winding up away fans when we score?
  4. Anyone know how the gentleman who needed medical assistance early on in the shed yesterday is doing? He walked past me with some assistance but looked an awful colour. Hope he's ok.
  5. So far its been very similar to how we played when imrie took over. As you said both Kabia and Muirhead working hard and looking dangerous. System and tactics working so far.
  6. Could be 2 or 3 up here. Queens fans are a greetin faced bunch of cunts.
  7. What's disappointed me the most this season is how the team have totally changed their approach and style under Dougie. When he came in we were horrible to play against. Pressing all over the pitch, in your face and there was an intensity and drive. It seemed to tail off once we secured our league status and unfortunately it's carried forward into this season. With the personnel we have ( once all available) perhaps its worth considering returning to a 5-3-2. Make us hard to beat again and difficult to play against. That could look like: Schwake Pignatello lithgow O'connor baird strapp Gillespie Crawford grimshaw Quitongo Muirhead The obvious weakness again is the lack of creativity and goals.
  8. Be interested to see how the team lines up. Maybe... Schwake Carlo O'connor strapp King Gillespie blues Grimshaw Crawford Kabia Muirhead
  9. Read on twitter we are interested in signing David Goodwillie. Has to be a load of shite.
  10. Can't see that being the case. Each to their own though.
  11. Not raging at all. I think he's an asset to the team and its annoying that he is going to miss games through suspension
  12. He's been totally innocent for 2 red cards in the space of 6 days?
  13. 3 red cards and it's not even October? Understand referees being useless cunts has had a part to play but Quitongo has to have a look at himself and his role.
  14. Quitongo needs to be smarter and stop getting involved in these type of situation where he's being sent off. Getting a reputation now and officials will be watching for him
  15. That was a fucking shambles and possibly our worst performance under Dougie. If he wants to turn Cappielow into a fortress then there's some amount of work to do. Can't understand why he dropped pignatello for Grimshaw. If Grimshaw was going to start then he had to go onto midfield in place of blues. Only player I'd give pass marks to would be Crawford who didn't stop and tried to at least make things happen. It's clear to see but we need some sort of attacking reinforcements as we cannot depend on Quitongo's workrate and daft decisions. Kabia and Muirhead have done nothing to merit a place in that starting 11. It's now up to Dougie to sort this shit out.
  16. Surely to fuck we'll see a striker in before Saturday!
  17. My pal who is a well fan said he is more of a midfielder than a fullback. Described him as a ball winning midfielder.
  18. If he goes there then they can keep him ticking over until next season for us.
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