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  1. Fair comments by Dougie and not sure many could argue with him. On another note I see todorov and Kevin ohara have left dunfermline. Players we may have been interested in previously but can't see a need now.
  2. Few questionable choices in there. Imo Ferrie, Sweeney, O'brien,Graham and Thomas could have been replaced by players in our team or a few from other clubs in the league.
  3. Aye this. He's going to sit on the fence. If he stays we'll be delighted. If not and he moves to play at a higher level then thanks for this season and best of luck to him. Been brilliant for us.
  4. Just watched some videos clips of last nights awards. Grimmy was very appreciative of Dougie and Andy. I'm maybe looking too much into it but it almost came across to me as him beginning to say his thanks and goodbyes. Also VT makes a great shout with bringing Ricki lamie back btw!
  5. This pretty much sums up my thoughts at the moment. Looking forward to next season and I guarantee Dougie will use Friday night and how it ended as motivation for himself and the boys next season. We have no reason to fear anyone in this league regardless of who comes down from the Premier league or up from league 1. The club should capitalise on the feelgood factor around at the moment and get season tickets and strips released ASAP.
  6. Gutted to be missing this as I'm flying out to Turkey at 4pm. Not the best forward planning
  7. About time too. Would be another brilliant step forward
  8. Chills up my spine hearing that roar when Robbie scored his goal. Would be interesting to hear when big George's hammy went as if it was during his spin amd run away from the defender he's done fantastically well to play that pass.
  9. Couldn't agree anymore. This proposal reeks of elitism. Having b teams in the lowland league and cups is bad enough without this Hopefully the majority of clubs send a strong message with their no vote. I'd also be delighted if we came out as a club with a firm stance against this proposal and anything similar.
  10. The roar in the ground when Robbie chipped in that 2nd goal is what being a ton fan is all about.
  11. It's a fair point and highlights the real lack of a space in or around Cappielow that could hold an event like it.
  12. I was thinking it may have been something to do with cost and that the chartroom would be cheaper than any of the town halls. Regardless of where its held surely its a positive step by the club to hold these sort of events and outwith the atypical working day? The feedback I've heard from people who went was nothing but good. I'm sure if anyone questioning the venue really wanted to go then they could have.
  13. Reading back some of the posts over the season and it reaffirms my opinion that this has been a successful one for us. Dougie and the boys have done a fantastic job and if someone told me that we would be in with a chance of the promotion playoffs going into the last game I'm not sure I'd have done anything but scoff at the idea. The league has been so tight that I think every team will look back at 1 or 2 results that could have made a difference. We could potentially finish 4 points off the league champions if my maths is correct. Madness
  14. Great effort by the club to give tickets away to a local primary school for today's games. Not sure how viable it would be but we really should be targeting all primary schools every home game and giving them a quota of tickets. Get the WDE covered and use the area for that exact purpose- like some sort of community fab zone. Have a merchandise stall and confectionary and we'd make a few Bob as well as boosting crowds and potentially growing the future fanbase
  15. What a fucking day. Brilliant effort and performance from every single player. Cappielow bouncing too. Love this my club, this team and Dougie and his staff. Haven't celebrated a goal like that in a long time. Superb ball and finish from Robbie. Mon the fucking ton
  16. Agreed. I'd be happy if Waters signs on for next season. He's a solid defender and with strapp leaving it will be good ti have that one sorted early.
  17. Did anyone on here make the MCT night at the chartroom? I had a ticket but couldn't make it unfortunately. Be interested to hear how it went.
  18. Let it go you fucking clown.
  19. Strapp didn't sign a new deal until the first day of pre season last year. To me thqt indicates that he was weighing up his options and we were a last resort. Could be the case the strapp has told Dougie he doesn't really want to be here and wants to try something new. If that's the case and his mind is made up then it's pointless for Dougie to do anything else but what he has done.
  20. That's a good point. All ifs, buts and maybes here..... id imagine Dougie has a plan in place for next season. He's tied up the majority of the squad on new/longer deals and with the projected money he has left he could have targets identified in other areas as a priority?
  21. Because he's a fucking bellend.
  22. Absolutely that revised version looks much better and the white shorts Make a difference too.
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