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  1. So you come back and your only contribution is to moan and then inform us that you won't be back for a while? I'm sure you'll be missed.
  2. Hopefully he gets his chance. On his day he's good enough to play in that league.
  3. Tidser didn't tackle very much at all.
  4. Kean always gave 100% for us and scored a few goals. I quite liked him!
  5. Oh dear. Good first division player but can't see him doing anything in the spl.
  6. Former trialist Adam strachan jailed for possession of knives Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  7. Are you being serious? Toto was s***e. His namesake from the wizard of oz would've been mor effective.
  8. Jason walker scored a cracker for York in the 95th minute of their game finished a Desmond.
  9. Total waste of talent. Alex had it all and ****ed up bigtime. Hopefully this gives him a kick up the arse and he sorts himself out.
  10. Imagine he'd be an absolute **** of a copper.
  11. Was he offered a new deal at queens? Surprised to see him at Peterhead unless they are offering him decent money.
  12. A decent player. I'd be surprised if he isn't signed up by a 2nd or 3rd division team
  13. My mate plays for Kings Park, told me he's been playing with them since the start of the season. Says he's nothing special.
  14. Signing for a big spending team in the conference, the manager ranting about him after a few games and now he finds himself playing junior football. That grace.
  15. Caught a band called Hurts on the tv last night. downloaded their album, pretty good.
  16. New glasvegas album Euphoirc Heartbreak. So far 3 great songs, i reckon the album is a grower right enough
  17. Jonsi - Go Mogwai - The Hawk is howling Really enjoying these albums just now
  18. I didnt know yashin still existed. They were playing ricos, 204 etc when i was with my band.
  19. Embrace- My weakness is none of your business
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