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  1. Peaso was brilliant for us. Just a shame we didn't get him here earlier in his career minus the injuries obviously.
  2. I'm not 100% clear on what shimmins issues were but I remember a lot of people said his problems were mental rather than physical. Is that what you're getting at with Denny?
  3. Australian Pink Floyd - pigs. Saw them at the hydro on Saturday and they were fantastic.
  4. You don't half talk some amount of pish.
  5. I met Jai a few times down at parklea and cappielow. He always came across as very humble and always took the time to speak to myself and my young son. I was surprised as having seen him on the pitch I expected a cocky, arrogant wee guy but he was the exact opposite.
  6. Not an ex player but as he's been linked with us a lot. Mark Millar signs for Largs.
  7. There was undoubtedly a player there. As others have said whether he was unfit, low on confidence etc it just didn't work out for him. I see Andy Murdoch is getting rave reviews as well.
  8. Rubbish. Doyle was fine defensively and worked his arse off every game for us. The biggest problem was Duffy's insistence on not signing a winger to play in front of him meaning he was our attacking threat on that side too which isn't his strength.
  9. I was a big fan of Murdoch and was disappointed to see him leave. However if McKinnon had to choose between one of Millar/ McAllister over Murdoch then I understand why he was let go. Time will tell if it was the right decision to let him go or not.
  10. Read on pnb that he's got a full time job so Dumbarton makes sense.
  11. Hope so. Wee prick doesn't seem to learn his lesson. He's been given chances before and made a mess of it.
  12. Totally agree. He had his flaws but he wore his heart on his sleeve, played for the jersey and has been a great servant to the club. He was also a good centre centre half at this level.
  13. Shankland is a very good league 1 striker but nothing else.
  14. Dobbie is a puffing failure? Come on VT he's made a good career for himself and is an excellent player at this level.
  15. Im sure he played there on Saturday as well.
  16. Agreed. They've signed a couple of players with potential but no one jumps out as a great signing. They've also lost their keeper, centre half, Mallan and loy. Don't get where the optimism is coming from.
  17. Great move for him. Hope he does well.
  18. Agreed. Wonder where he would be if he'd signed on with us again last season.
  19. I've always thought he'll come back in a coaching role at some point. Is he still working for thistle?
  20. Thinking the same. He was excellent for us that season. When he left us i expected him to really kick on. I'd much rather have O'Ware in the team than him which is something I never thought I'd have said the season Partick won the league.
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