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  1. Bring the boy in and have a look. IF he is better than what we have then its a no brainer but I wouldn't want him brought in at the expense of mcgrattan, jai or the emerging Bearne. I know boyd isn't everyone's cup of tea but I think he adds something to the squad as well. 

    Dougie was very active in the January window and I'd very surprised of we didn't do some business again. McPake may be the start of this.

  2. 32 minutes ago, capitanus said:


    The bit in bold.  That is an appalling thing for any steward, let alone a head steward to say.   What if you were hard of hearing, or were experiencing some form of hearing loss?  Would she be so obnoxious or abusive to others with another form of disability?  Has she previously been abusive to others with a form of disability?

    I hope the club and the stewarding company investigate this further, and reprimand her for these actions.

    Agreed. Worth an email to the club. That kind of conduct is unacceptable 

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  3. 7 hours ago, DreamOakTree said:

    No other club would take the wee rancid chino-clad self-obsessed piece of shit, so we need to sack the wee pathetic fucker to rid the club of his development player hater, old pals’ lover mentality, before it’s too late. Although IMO it’s already too late as the wee addictive rat has already royally fucked up our club structure,and from where I’m looking, has taken great relish from doing so. Get to fuck ya wee puny imposter!

    Wash your mouth out with bleach you fucking clown.

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  4. 16 hours ago, vikingTON said:

    McGrattan should play as a left wing back and Muirhead frankly is not much of a loss for tomorrow's specific game.

    This is why any replacement for Harkness - which btw for the post above, doesn't just magically spring from thin air - had to be for the left side of defence (think a Sir Richard Lamie type) instead of scraping the barrel of available right backs. 

    The clamouring for King would make a lot more sense if his current loan move wasn't to a total nick of an outfit like Clyde. Doesn't look like the rest of the SPFL above club 41 in the food chain reckon he's ready to perform at a consistent level yet either. 


    King is becoming a better player in people's eyes the less he plays. I could be wrong but I haven't heard any rave reviews about his time at Clyde apart from 1/2 goals.

    He's a good player and a potential starter but let's not kid ourselves that he's the answer to all of our problems. 

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  5. Watched some of the game back and our failings are clear to see. Far too many passengers and players not taking responsibility. Defenders backing off and not making it difficult for them to pass/ score. Midfield missing - too flat footed and lacked energy. We can't continue to lump balls up to Oakley and just expect to pick up scraps.

    We need to get back to basics. Be hard to beat with high energy, high press. Currently the laughing stock of the championship and deservedly so. It's easy to blame broadfoot, Power and blues but not one player deserves pass marks from that last night. Time for imrie to swallow his pride, be ruthless and make the changes that are needed. 




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  6. Hate to say this as I love the guy but Imrie is under real pressure now. He can't continue to speak about getting his best players back, the boys worked hard etc. We need to get back to winning games of football. When he first came in we were an energetic, high pressing football team. That changed last season as we played better football and everything seemed to go for us. This season its the exact opposite. Mostly Lethargic, no creativity, relying on lumping balls up the pitch. Imrie has stated that he has to take it on the chin when things don't work out. Just wonder if and when there will be discussions between him and the board about his job. 

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  7. 28 minutes ago, HamCam said:

    We must have been desperate to sign the young lad given we knew he was carrying an injury. If Broadfoot and Wilson are regular starters I fear the worst. Nothing against either player they are just not good enough and have no pace. Throw in the form of Power and Boyd...

    Wilson has been fine at right back in the last 2 games. You're saying he has a lack of pace but grimshaw wasn't the quickest. 

    Disclaimer- I am in no way saying Wilson is as good an option than grimmy was.

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  8. 4 hours ago, vikingTON said:

    No, he really doesn't have talent. His breakthrough was as a potentially dominant, physical central midfielder - in the mould of Alan Jenkins. 

    There was plenty of the ball getting punted into the midfield today, yet Lyon didn't use those attributes to win the lion's share of those 50-50s and dictate the game from there. Today's game summed up the entire wasted opportunity his career has been to date.

    But still, he gave it the big licks against some 7 year old weans in the Sinclair Street end for his consolation goal, so who can really say who is the tragic loser in today's clash?











    *It's still Reece Lyon.

    Agreed and also noticed he wasn't giving it big licks when he caused the 4th goal either. As already said he had potential but has never reached it. Telling that his first half performance was up there with his best at Cappielow. He's not a championship player and although he seems like a decent guy we're well rid. For too long we haven't been ruthless enough with players and I'm glad Dougie has brought that to the club. 

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  9. 14 minutes ago, SpoonTon said:

    Surprised to hear Millen say that Muirhead sometimes gets a hard time from the Morton support. It was undoubtedly true that the support were on his back and things had turned really sour after his first two and a half years (for the most part it really hadn't gone well for him in that time). But I can't think of many more popular Morton players than Muirhead now. Since Imrie came in he has become a real fan favourite. 

    You could say the same about most of the squad.  There's always one or two in shed just waiting to hurl abuse at any player that makes a mistake. Off the top of my head I'd say Oakley and Crawford are the only 2 who seem to get a free pass.

  10. 1 hour ago, GiGi said:

    He was giving it the 'shh' to the crowd but his free kicks are not papering over a bad team performance and season.

    I didn't take that as a direct 'ssh' to the crowd  at the time but did notice that the didn't acknowledge the Cowshed at all for any of his goals.

    On the game. Good start and then a poor goal to lose. Inevitably it would be Lyons that scored. We then huffed and puffed through the 1st half. Second half was similar to the end of the first until a combination of bringing on mcgrattan and boyd; and Muirhead free kick gave us some breathing space.  From there we went on and finished the game off. 3rd goal a defensive disaster for Kelty and crawfords goal looked really central. Overall job done and 4 goals. Looking forward to seeing Robbies free kick on the highlights.

    Onto next week where we hopefully have a few players back.

  11. 4 hours ago, Stevie Aitken's Love Child said:

    While on commercial stuff, did anyone order the 97-99 retro away kit from that retro kit page on twitter? I only ask because it seems to have gone awful quiet on their twitter page, and see they're no longer showing as a sponsor of this site. 

    I wanted to try and order the 80s retro top they brought out and asked on twitter but there's been no reply.

    I got the 80s top in a medium mate and ita too big for me. Would you be interested?

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