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  1. 19 minutes ago, TRVMP said:

    Why doesn't McGrattan have his name/number on the back of his jersey?

    Decent start so far.

    Came off to receive treatment early. I'm assuming for a cut. Had to change his Jersey.

    The camera is right above Dougie and picking up allsorts. So far I've heard 
    'No good enough... fucking pish'

    'Don't fucking shake yer heed either' Love that.



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  2. 2 hours ago, vikingTON said:

    • The Famous sitting 2nd in the Championship and the team that absolutely nobody wants to draw in the Scottish Cup 4th Round on Monday. 

    • Nine games unbeaten: seven wins, with the only two draws being away at Ayr (1) and Dundee (3). 

    • Sir Efe Ambrose at the club lending oceans of stabilising calm to the rearguard on a weekly basis.

    • Robbie Muirhead playing like 2006 Zlatan. 

    • And then an 18 year old comes off the bench and hurdles more challenges than Maradona did for that goal against England, before slotting home this afternoon. 

    A script like this would get chucked out of the tritest Hollywood studio for being make-believe nonsense. What a time to be alive.

    clarkson smug face.jpg

    Who would direct said blockbuster? I'd love to see what Speilberg could do with a slo-mo shot of the tears and snotters of away fans but Quentin Tarantino could serve up a right bloodbath with some of the doings we've been handing out.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Toby said:

    Usual from the usual I’m afraid.

    Stewarding had been so much better in recent weeks. Back to the usual power hungry wee gestapo guys today. Not allowing kids to sit in the shed if they don't have an adult with them.

  4. Someone must have the raging pars fans trying to storm hospitality photo.

    Also remember a few seasons ago a daft Ayr fan trying to fight with the shed on the last day of the season. I'm pretty sure he got banjoed and his team were relegated.

    Oh and ps- fuck the Maryhill lovelies. 

  5. Doyle starts for Hamilton, McGinty and Murdioch start for Ayr. 1-0 to the little people at half time. Accies have been the better side and should have had a goal awarded after a shot crashed off the bar and over the line.  Not given though.

  6. Draw a fair result in the end. We did well to come back from a goal down. I watched quitongo walk away from the Ayr number 9 at the corner and he didn't bother picking him up. Was a cracking header from Jai. Thought we controlled parts of the game but Ayr always looked dangerous on the counter. Credit to schwake who made an absolutely world class save from the Ayr number 9s bullet header and thankfully the rebound was roghtly disallowed for handball. 

    A decent away crowd who were very vocal although I couldn't believe the abuse Quitongo was getting from a "fan" behind the goal. In sure the same guy was giving Imrie a bit of stick too. Laughable.

  7. 1 hour ago, Cet Homme Charmant said:

    Just because the team as a whole is shite, it doesn't necessarily means he himself is playing badly. But yeah, it's not looking good.

    Would be a real pity if his career has hit the buffers because not so long ago he still looked like a decent prospect. Still not outwith the bounds of possibility that he can turn it around, but I don't think playing for Annan at the arse end of league 2 is the place to do it. 

    I hoped that reece going there would have given him a kick up the arse. He really should be cruising that league but have heard nothing of him at all.


  8. 37 minutes ago, Jamie_M said:

    Probably time to worry about what striker we are likely to get again - Griffiths is back in the country and training with Livi of all places (based on where we normally look for players).

    Wouldn't be totally against giving him a short term deal or pay as you play.

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