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  1. TPS were in with a shot of the Finnish 2nd tier title until recently. They had a big table-topping clash with VPS but lost 3-1 at home. Now they're going to finish second, or possibly third, and go into the promotion playoffs with fellow Ykkonen sides RoPS and Jaro, and top league SHOCK TROOPS Oulu. As a reminder, last season JJ's outfit finished second last in the top flight, losing to KTP in the playoffs. Let's hope lightning doesn't strike twice for our beautiful, brave boy. I don't believe for a second that Charlton are the least bit interested in his managerial skills.
  2. Aye, fair. It was an open-ticketed event (i.e. you had to register to attend but anyone could do so) and as we can hilariously see there was no Prime Minister's Questions pre-vetting.
  3. Looks scripted to me, this fucking welt thought he'd give an inspirational speech, then one guy claps, then another guy, then everyone's on their feet cheering, hoisting him aloft and dousing him in Gatorade. Every other chairman/board member in the country must have watched that through their fingers. It's fine to say that stuff when things are going well but Falkirk just got humped 3-0 at home and they're as close to League Two as they are to the Championship. What on earth possessed him?
  4. To prove that there are polarized views on this - I don't actually have a problem with the club employing Lithgow. What he did was obviously reprehensible, but it was also many, many years ago with no sign of any repetition or further conviction. Other people are more than entitled to give him a wide berth, and I would judge nobody - particularly women, and particularly women with children - who did so. But I believe in redemption and I believe that people can get their head down and try to live a normal life and make a living. But at the same time, I think the club, by ignoring the elephant in the room, scored an own-goal here. Obviously what Lithgow did was not comparable, but if you recall the Luke McCormick case, Plymouth always acknowledged "we are signing a guy who has done something terrible in his past - here's why we are doing it, here's what he says." By not doing that Morton showed a real lack of concern for those people I mentioned above who, for what may be extremely personal reasons, were shocked by this decision. You'll never please all the people all of the time, but if you don't even try you please nobody.
  5. Further proof that "Benelux" should be detached from Europe and allowed to drift gracefully into the ocean, wherein it'll be quickly and humanely destroyed.
  6. You seem ITK about this so I'm asking in the hope that you might know something. Not pointing fingers of course, just asking without knowing who made what decision and then. Hypothetically, if we had zero points on the board right now, there'd be no way the club could physically sign the papers to boot the manager without continuing to pay him his weekly wage until his deal ends in 2023? And there'd be absolutely no room in the budget to pay another manager? None whatsoever, as in the money does not exist in Morton's operating bank account and 100% of the projected income between now and 2023 is already earmarked for other purposes (including Gus' wages)? Have I got that right? If we get to April 2022 and end up relegated in 10th place, does anything here change? Is there a break clause in his contract? Failing that, is there a wage reduction built-in to compensate for lower prize money and sponsorship income? It's just not clear to me how a budget and a contract could combine in such a way to give us absolutely no wiggle room here, none at all. And if the above cases are true, then giving out a two-year deal was an act of such feckless negligence I find it hard to believe it took place at all. You could just about make a case for doing so for an excellent young manager who'd had us performing above ourselves, but we scraped into 9th then got past two teams with day jobs in the playoffs. Was that really worth giving the club literally no room for maneuver at all? I hope there's just some hyperbole at play here and, while it would be painful and no doubt result in belt-tightening elsewhere, there is in fact scope to carry out the kind of regular football recruitment change that takes place at about a third of the clubs in the country in any given campaign. Coz if not that's actually more concerning to me than the performances on the pitch.
  7. Why did the BoD sign off on a contract for such a key position where we're relying on future income if we want to get out of it? I don't think this is an unfair thing to ask, it's not like this was a completely unforeseeable situation after finishing 9th. I understand we don't have a "war chest" but this is basic continuity of business stuff. It also raises the question of how we're contingency planning in general. What if the government instituted another lockdown, or something daft like that? Money doesn't grow on trees but if we are physically unable to change manager, and reliant on fortnightly income to pay that manager, something's gone seriously wrong with the budgeting already.
  8. I can't even bring myself to laugh at Falkirk anymore. We're a right state and we have every chance now of being in League One with them next season (assuming they don't go on a Thistle-style late-season ROMP to the title.)
  9. I'd take Yogi over Gus every day and twice on Sundays. Yes, he's a figure of fun, and he can't pronounce a voiceless dental fricative, but he's got a decent track record at wrangling half-decent results from rag-tag outfits previously doomed to failure. We're not asking him to decipher the Voynich Manuscript; just to watch a few training sessions to establish that Robbie Muirhead's been phoning it in for the best part of five years now and Mark Russell is the white Roberto Carlos. Basic stuff.
  10. Did we get city status? Can we get a twin town? edit: I see this embarrassment of a pigs' beauty contest takes place in December, ergo our inevitable failure hasn't yet taken place. My sincere advice to the cooncil is to pack it in. Greenock's not getting city status - when the promotional film 'Sea City' was produced in the mid seventies, Greenock was a good deal bigger and more consequential than it is now, and still it remained a town, and thus it will ever be - and our entry is like the first two episodes of shows like Pop Idol where they show all the very special entrants and the delusional for comic relief. We should instead be trying for twin town status with various far-flung locations the world over. There are Greenocks in Pennsylvania, "Australia", and Jamaica. There's a Morton here in Texas and, judging from when I last drove through about fifteen years ago*, they could do with something eventful happening so they'd probably jump at the chance. City status is crap. Made-up places like "Inverness" have it. Having an excellent twin town for cooncilors to go to on junkets is where it's at. Let's get some twin towns. *I remember passing through a town called Muleshoe the same day, on the way to my motel in Lubbock. Maybe we could twin with Muleshoe if Morton turn us down.
  11. And it goes without saying that the top priority is punting Gus. In an ideal world the BOD would have been, if not sounding out candidates for the last two weeks, at least considering their options. He's got to go, the first quarter has been an utter disaster, and it's not improving. The club should publicly advertise the job to augment whatever options they've already considered. Anyone about to type "well who'd want the job? We're a basket case" - Gus, a seasoned pro, took over when we were in significantly direr straits off the pitch than now. We're debt free under new ownership with a *reasonably* balanced and able squad and relatively low expectations. A hungry young manager or a Gus figure looking for a last crack at the full time game could do a hell of a lot worse. In an ideal world we'd get someone in til the season's end with a sizable survival bonus, then revisit it come April. Short of getting Thomas Tuchel we can't afford an other long-term deal.
  12. Even allowing for income tax he'd have to be a total profligate *not* to be well into the seven figures. If he came to Morton it'd be out of a sense of charity, not for the salary. And it's not really worth it - why risk shitting the bed and hurting your chances at a bigger job?
  13. I was slightly too young for the Stone Roses but listened to the Seahorses album not long after it came out. In honor of this thread I put it on again for the first time in years. Clearly it's a product of its time but the guitar still sounds great today and there's some real stand-out tracks even beyond the singles. You wonder what Squire could have done if he'd just stuck with a band and ground it out for a while. Maybe he could have made something truly special. Or maybe it would have been like The Kinks where they just go on too long trying to catch lightning in a bottle against a backdrop of conflict. Who knows? Either way, what little the Seahorses did produce is still worth a listen today, a generation later.
  14. About to watch Zambia-Equatorial Guinea. (Having a normal one.) The Zambia anthem started for about two seconds then cut off. The players are all still standing there, hands on heart. Except the 'keeper, who's looking around and shrugging. Now a bunch of them have also moved their hands. Two guys at the far left holding out. One of them might actually be a statue. Ah, there we go, the anthem's back. Refreshingly tinpot.
  15. The symbolism writes itself, really. In fact were it in a book or a film you'd think it was too on-the-nose.
  16. Dead easy. Three clicks and I was subscribed. Thanks for getting that set up.
  17. Note sure if it's social distancing or what but it's an absolutely terrible crowd, incidentally. The Estadio Jalisco, which both teams share, is a wonderful new facility. I'd guess it's less than half full. I know Chivas are rotten this season but even so, very poor turnout. Edit: Apparently it is 50% capacity. Well, it looks a wee bit less.
  18. Watching the Clásico Tapatío, Chivas de Guadalajara against Atlas. Atlas are very much the little brother of the derby here - hard to think of an analogy. Chivas are the second-biggest club in the country, Atlas a bit of a footnote. Maybe Juventus-Torino, only Torino are a bigger club comparatively than Atlas. But they're both old clubs and this is one of the bigger local derbies of Mexico. Mexico is one of the countries, like France, where the biggest rivalries are between different cities, not local. Chivas fans will always see Club América as their biggest and most important foes. Atlas are a bit of an afterthought... well, not tonight, and here's why: Anyway, Chivas got a man sent off just before I switched on in the 15th minute. Then Atlas got an unrelated penalty. It was a cheeky little chip of a spot-kick, Atlas celebrate in front of the home fans... and Cristian Calderón runs up and shoves the scorer, Aldo Rocha, onto the deck. The lineswoman was sprinting onto the pitch to try to intervene but it was too late, down he went, and that was a second booking for Calderón, and now Chivas are down to nine men with almost an hour to go. It's even more crazy because Calderón is an Atlas youth product and spent many years there. There'll be more cards to go. The question is, can Atlas continue their fairytale run? They're top of the Apertura right now. They last won the Mexican league in... 1951, narrowly missing out in 1999 (penalty kicks, in fact, in a final with Toluca) but otherwise they've barely come close.
  19. While this all sounds like a great improvement n'at, it's still a part-time team with their two best players out. Gus needs to get three points on the board sharpish, or we need to get a new man in.
  20. I haven't yet subscribed not because of any reservation over MCT (all of these I've had have been met) and not because I disagree with the model. I haven't subscribed because there's still a ton of hoops for overseas subscribers to jump through that I frankly can't be bothered dealing with; and the Direct Debit system is managed by an individual using a personal email address, rather than something properly governed. It's a Hamilton Accies/Nigerian prince situation waiting to happen, and I'd rather MCT get that sorted before it occurs. If that is done, I'd happily sign up.
  21. And they'd think you were a right weirdo if you did.
  22. She's still here. Carefully guarding the Morton-themed blanket my mother-in-law made for us.
  23. I was going to type something like "Having a professional staff, on the other hand, is important..." but a cat jumped on me so I got distracted.
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