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  1. I'm not being critical of you or anyone having a favourite English club or favourite Spanish club or whatever. I take my hat off to those who do. Your affection for Sheffield Utd is admirable. I just enjoy watching City and Liverpool as they are the best teams with the big stars at the moment, same as i used to always watch Man Utd previously.
  2. I've generally no allegiance to any particular english clubs,big or small, but i do enjoy watching both City and Liverpool matches regular as I am sure many likeminded neutrals do too. They have the best quality. I guess i could find it a little bit romantic for Liverpool to finally win the league after so many years. They have had a few very top players, Dalglish, Suarez and currently Salah immediately spring to mind. Its also kinda cute to watch old black and white footage of their fans singing Beatles songs in the kop in the 60's.
  3. I delivered Phil Cannie a munchie box a few weeks ago. He just seemed like a normal guy
  4. Aint read the whole thread but I delierved an LMB to Phil Cannie last year; and more recently I saw him driving a taxi.
  5. In times of stress and trouble, I always find this clasic so soothing; great live performance this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VFxA7o4f5E...feature=related
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV6MWu2U63A
  7. Suzannah yes , she is 35 by the way , I really like her , a really nice person. I'd marry her and move to Copenhagen.
  8. Some town inbetween Napier and Wellington. I think I need to go to Internet Anonymous meetings as anytime I find a town I go on the net. Enjoy the game tomorrow.
  9. I havent read the whole thread but , do you ever find it spooky that a song comes on the radio that matches the exact situation you find yourself in ? Well I had just left the company of a very nice travelling buddy this morning and as I was driving away what comes on the radio HERE I GO AGAIN ON MY OWN - by Whitesnake. I found that to be very apt and it's uncanny how often that happens.
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