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  1. This is the first weekend we've been away where I've made other plans rather than trying to get a ticket or a stream. I had a decent afternoon before checking how this went...
  2. Heading down to this one, usual 'more in hope than anything else' feelings about it.
  3. Rules are rules, but as earlier in the thread they must be the same for all teams, who is allowed in is a separate can of worms.
  4. I got that too when purchasing, but I've just signed into a pub wifi and clicking on the link in the confirmation email took me straight to the stream. Beer & football....
  5. Where do you start? Kicking them out is quite right no matter the opponents. B teams shouldn't be near the tournament, never mind getting privileged treatment on recalling loan players. These sides downgrade the tournament just by participating. A national competition that needs reserve teams for 'interest'. Bottom line though is if you are on loan you should stay on loan until permanently recalled other than for medical or HR/contractual issues.
  6. Giving this one a miss, will be at Hampden later, and dreading that...
  7. On the plus side no ones accused them of signing a manager we used to sing songs about asking him to cheer up. It's early days, progress takes time, going fan owned after the rich mans toy years brings challenges (and hopefully opportunities). We have to move forward and act like adults (not teenagers complaining everything's not right or fair while someone else pays). In it together?
  8. To me it's getting close to how give racism the red card got, a bit cringeworthy at times, with most going through the motions to get it over with. Having said that I'd say actively booing any anti racism action is (whether you mean it or not) reinforcing racists who will assume you're on their side.
  9. Just got mine through the letterbox. Quality is up a bit on last years.
  10. I don't blame Morton for this one, I blame Thistle (& local authorities possibly) for having an online system that away fans can't use.
  11. Change the blue bands for black and the third strip is late 90's Dumbarton. Looking forward to actually seeing a physical in shop long sleeved version of the home top in the coming weeks. A bit once bitten after getting last years long sleeved on line.
  12. At least the streams been added I'm sure it wasn't there a day or two back.
  13. On the Partick Thistle site it says they've sent tickets to Morton for them to handle sales & distribution, there won't be pay at the gate. The online ticket sales don't cater for away fans. I can't find anything regarding a stream of this. As a Glasgow based Ton supporter it looks like I've got a free weekend even thought it's only 3 miles from my front door.
  14. They cannot rely on preaching to the converted, there is a core support, but you have to grow it, continually. Theres alway a natural fall off, obviously,Without the Rooney squad in the late 70's I'd probably not now be a football fan, never mind a Morton fan.
  15. It's not difficult. It's a business. It wants your money. ( correction needs). It makes this seem like an attractive and easy thing and takes any doubts and obstacles away. It tells you in simple terms what to do to give them your money. That's for casual attendees, not what by the standards of this forum sometimes comes across as cult members / devotees. I sometimes wonder just what would have to happen to make me stop going. (Must have a heightened sense of morbid curiosity).
  16. Touch/ feel, they're nylon...I think SEE is the issue. Having said that I've ordered one, but having seen the photos from the other week I'm a bit dubious, mainly about attention to detail after what I got last year.
  17. Did exactly the same thing, first goal we'd scored in weeks. Was that not one of the first games for the bunch of Scandinavians they brought in? I also left that one after Dundee's 5th & went to the horseman.
  18. I once left a game at the old Douglas Park in the 80's before half time because we were 3 down, it looked likely to get worse, and the pub opposite the train station started to look really inviting. When you've paid your gate money it's gone, if you're not enjoying part of your day out there's nothing wrong with going with a plan B.
  19. I bought a short sleeved one last year which was good, so I got a long sleeved one as well online, it was abysmal. IIRC the two shoulders looked different on the one shirt, the button bit on the collar of the second shirt didn't even look the same length as on the first one. The cuffs looked like it was a home made effort. Not good.
  20. I left at 8, heard the 9th as I crossed the car park. Then got a clear view of the 10th from the start of the path to the train station. Its quite high compared to the car park and gave a clear view over the wall at the far/ no stand end. Even walking out I couldn't get away from it.
  21. I have a season ticket but I wasn't there yesterday as when I wear a mask for any length of time my nose runs like a tap & my glasses constantly steam up, even on a warm day. I'm not 'anti mask' but until restrictions ease I'll be watching online, if available.
  22. Starting to get curious myself. In a typical year a renewed card is just reactivated and will carry on working. With the streaming option I'd like to know if the same applies to Access Codes. I'm expecting an announcement in the coming days about times to turn up for access to different areas on match days. If we're managing numbers in various parts of the ground (Sinclair Street/ Cowshed) how will that be done with a card that's not 'area specific'. Then there's the now annual feeling of 'Did my transaction go through OK?' due to the lack of any confirmation email or contact following paying for the season ticket. (It does show up on my transaction history but anything to do with that website still worries me).
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