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  1. There's a partially wasted talent there who's been on a ridiculously fast downhill slide for quite a while. He's needed to screw the nut for a couple of years but has blatantly failed to do it. If league one is no longer his level then championship - no thanks.
  2. Still unsure how to judge the opposition this year. The year to year contracts have made first weeks a bit of a lottery in recent years. Between signing windows and players bedding in it can be hard to judge what you're playing against. Today could be OK or a draw against relegation candidates.
  3. Got that message last season if trying to watch on my phone using data but not if connected to WiFi.
  4. I kind of agree with that, but the outcomes from the competitions were decent. Made the trip to Smiths this morning to renew the season ticket & saw the actual shirt for the first time. First reaction- god no! It'll be the first one I havent bought since the last vertical stripes one @ 15 years back. I haven't seen a morton shirt that shade since the Weatherston testimonial shirts.
  5. Madton, During Cappielows office hours I'm at work in an open plan office, so no privacy & where private calls aren't allowed. My best bet is Smiths.
  6. 7 attempts & counting to pay to renew a season ticket so far....starting to think I'll end up wasting a Saturday morning catching a train from Glasgow to get to Smiths for this.
  7. Exactly the same issue as above embarrassing. I'll try it in work tomorrow. I had no issues with this in the last few years.
  8. Done the same. Struggled to start typing this on my phone there due to the whole screen being completey filled by the keyboard & 2 pop up adverts.
  9. Just got mine through the letterbox. Quality is up a bit on last years.
  10. Change the blue bands for black and the third strip is late 90's Dumbarton. Looking forward to actually seeing a physical in shop long sleeved version of the home top in the coming weeks. A bit once bitten after getting last years long sleeved on line.
  11. They cannot rely on preaching to the converted, there is a core support, but you have to grow it, continually. Theres alway a natural fall off, obviously,Without the Rooney squad in the late 70's I'd probably not now be a football fan, never mind a Morton fan.
  12. It's not difficult. It's a business. It wants your money. ( correction needs). It makes this seem like an attractive and easy thing and takes any doubts and obstacles away. It tells you in simple terms what to do to give them your money. That's for casual attendees, not what by the standards of this forum sometimes comes across as cult members / devotees. I sometimes wonder just what would have to happen to make me stop going. (Must have a heightened sense of morbid curiosity).
  13. Touch/ feel, they're nylon...I think SEE is the issue. Having said that I've ordered one, but having seen the photos from the other week I'm a bit dubious, mainly about attention to detail after what I got last year.
  14. Did exactly the same thing, first goal we'd scored in weeks. Was that not one of the first games for the bunch of Scandinavians they brought in? I also left that one after Dundee's 5th & went to the horseman.
  15. I once left a game at the old Douglas Park in the 80's before half time because we were 3 down, it looked likely to get worse, and the pub opposite the train station started to look really inviting. When you've paid your gate money it's gone, if you're not enjoying part of your day out there's nothing wrong with going with a plan B.
  16. I bought a short sleeved one last year which was good, so I got a long sleeved one as well online, it was abysmal. IIRC the two shoulders looked different on the one shirt, the button bit on the collar of the second shirt didn't even look the same length as on the first one. The cuffs looked like it was a home made effort. Not good.
  17. After that I bought a signed Weatherston testimonial shirt, Lamie was a daft young boy that day.
  18. As an ex broadsheet reader {with the decline of the dead tree press}, who outside of Ayrshire prints Ayrshire lower non·league results- isn't there a specialty website for that sort of interest'?
  19. I left that one with 5 minutes to go to catch an earlier Glasgow train and found out we hadn't won as the train was sitting in the Port, couldn't believe it.
  20. I should add I'm not an Irons fan after that rant.
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