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  1. Credit where it's due. The pre game coverage has been excellent.
  2. It's back to 14 quid now 😂
  3. I'm out at £16 quid, they can ram it. Its like they don't want the club to survive.
  4. Still showing as £16 when I click the link.
  5. BBC Gossip reckons Stuart Findlay to be named in Scotland squad.
  6. Was pretty much indifferent to them until this season but the way their fans couldn't admit that they might have broken the rules or admit we had a right to be fucked off really rustled my jimmies. Get doon.
  7. What was the Marino Keith incident? 90's were a bit hazy for me to be honest...
  8. Ian McCall was on off the ball on Saturday, touched on his time as Morton manager. Was actually very complimentary about the club but very clear he hates Hugh Scott as much as we do. Didn't actually name him as he said he'd get another lawyers letter if he did! Also stated he couldn't believe the "close down like the shipyards" line.
  9. Kevin Rustybits announced as new Stirling Albion manager.
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