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  1. Aye you're right, I stand corrected. Jeezo, you're worse than my missus, got to have the last word.
  2. I'm well aware of what's happened in the last six months, just asking for a bit of clarity from the club just now, that's all.
  3. Whilst I appreciate the need for cost cutting, i.e getting rid of the reserves/ development squad, did this free up a financial gain for the budget for the Morton first team, and will this allow the manager to make some more signings to an already heavily depleted squad? Who knows! Also as an MCT member, can anyone please clarify what went wrong with the "exciting" sponsorship deal that never happened. ( and why). Ton fans are getting a raw deal here, hence the lack of clarity on the official website and from MCT. Not asking for much, but the weekly update is poor, hence the lack of activity on this forum! I am getting increasingly worried about the direction that our beloved historic club is heading towards!
  4. Here's hoping!! Tough league next season.
  5. Queens Park including, Kilday, McHugh ,Quitongo, Doyle and Grant promoted to Championship!
  6. Does this include overseas fans?
  7. We should push the boat out to keep Strappy! Pity he's out of contract, will be a huge loss to us if he does leave. He'll probably be going to a decent premier league team. Were Hearts not rumoured to be looking at him a couple of seasons ago? Robbie Neilson was nae stranger to a long throw in also!
  8. Is ton tv live streaming been binned for next season? If so, not worth me renewing my season ticket! Will keep up my MCT and lottery dues, but due to personal circumstances I can only attend a few games per season and the stream option was a good one for me!
  9. Just signed up for a years subscription. Hassle free with a one off payment.Well done to the commercial department, between this and the wider choice of Morton merchandise now available. Heading in the right direction!
  10. At least I only seem like one! For a fan who "loves" the club, I've not witnessed much love from you towards them, .....just absolute pish!!
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