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  1. Just watched the St Johnstone game,Derek Mcinnes had four layers on, .........a blazer, body warmer, jumper and a shirt! is there a micro climate in Perth? On the game, I couldn't believe it when fans were leaving early, what an achievement in the first place to be playing the likes of Galatasaray. For an extra five minutes, stay and applaud your team ffs. They won two major cups last year, it's not as if you were pumped by Albion Rovers!!
  2. I would have happily have kept big Fjortoft, why he opted to start as a sub with Hopkin, I have no idea. Money talks? Also McAdam who won every single players award, is starting on the bench just now, I cannae see him winning everything or anything this season. Hopefully we will see some movement on the signing front shortly, glad Hamilton and Ugwu are proving their doubters wrong already so far!
  3. Pile of dung, never took any positives whatsoever.
  4. Decent enough tops. I like big Ledger, but he looks like a James Bond baddie.
  5. Ye, you are right mate, let everyone else put their hard earned dosh towards the best way forward for the future of the club, while you just criticise the beginning of a time when the fans and MCT are at the forefront of helping the club develop . Stick your dough up your ring piece and gtf.
  6. Great news that a manager has been appointed at a crucial time in the season, was this a decision made by the new regime, considering to my knowledge that the job wasn't even advertised? Can we please have a wee bit of clarity on this matter.
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