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  1. No worries. I’m going to leave this here now. If you enjoy the content then I hope you continue to and if not then that’s absolutely fine too. Here’s hoping for a good end to the season. Mentally I’m beyond done with this now. The links will be on twitter if you want to hear the podcasts but I won’t be posting on here again.
  2. Not directing that at you personally, a point at some of the people on here. This constant back and forth is helping no one. Mentally it’s beyond draining now.
  3. As someone who suffers with mental health, yes maybe I do have a few chips on my shoulder from my experiences in life so far. That’s something I work hard to address and no I’m not perfect and never would claim to be a die hard fan in nature that you have . Haven’t done so and wouldn’t done so but I’ve owned season tickets many times over the years and put my money into the club - not that makes me special or worthy of praise because it doesn’t as there are people on here who will have put 10x more into the club in their lifetime. What I would say is hiding behind anonymous names on here like you rightfully called out on twitter and constantly moaning about all things from top to bottom (not just about the podcast but the club in general) does no one any good. No wonder people suffer from mental health issues when all that seems to come along is negativity. If you want to remove me from the forum please do - the fact so much energy is going into this is beyond dull surely even for you.
  4. Thank you for listening. I don’t want to get on badly with anyone on here and I can only apologise for being a polarising figure to some but I just want to try my best to produce good content for fans. Some will be better than others by nature of course but that’s natural. I’ll keep trying my best as the other guys at the club do too.
  5. In regards to contacts for the podcasts I have used my own contacts for the episodes so far not anyone else’s. However, any constructive criticism is always taken so I appreciate that! In regards to both players you mentioned I was 9 when Andy joined the club and my memories of him are brilliant albeit I was 9 at the time and with Wake I was a wee bit older thankfully so I’m sorry if that ruined your enjoyment of the pods but tried my best with them.
  6. That’s a very fair summary of things. As I say hopefully the content will continue to be enjoyed - tomorrow and Thursday Joe Harper is on the podcast - hopefully you’ll enjoy that one!
  7. To be honest this forum in particular has been very negative towards my content and even much of Ewan’s too which is very strange in my opinion as it’s promoting the club in a positive light and giving fans chances to interact with members of the club. Not that I need your approval to keep going as to be honest whatever people’s opinions of me are I couldn’t give a .. to be honest. As long as the club are happy with what I’m doing I’ll keep going.
  8. To answer your question honestly yes. The person who has the account was a friend of my dads and has been talking the podcast up a lot which has been nice but went too far last night and when I saw it was causing a fuss I was raging hence why I didn’t engage with it at all. Even on P and B I’ve talked up the clubs media output and defended Ewan from the unnecessary critical remarks he is receiving from some ‘fans’
  9. I’m sorry to say that don’t have an anonymous account. You are correct when you say that I know the person who’s account it is and I don’t appreciate the fuss they’ve caused as I’ve explained to them. No need for it at all! I’ve had more than enough publicity from the club and fans so no issue from me I can assure you. Listening figures are very good and I’m delighted with how it and all club media is going. Massive step up in recent months which is great to see and hopefully being enjoyed by fans as that’s what matters!
  10. Kudus - https://anchor.fm/footballCFB/episodes/The-Morton-Weekly-with-and-football-CFB-with----Kudus-Oyenuga-eat32g
  11. https://anchor.fm/footballCFB/episodes/The-Morton-weekly-podcast-with----Anton-McElhone-and-David-Timmins-eap20m
  12. https://anchor.fm/footballCFB/episodes/The-Morton-weekly-podcast-and-football-CFB-with----Andy-McLaren-eajt60
  13. I run a podcast of the SPFL across all levels hence the other content I have but hopefully this stand alone Morton content from me and the club can reach fans directly. Ton Talk is very much still on the go and John Sutton joins Ewan on that this week 👍
  14. I hope today’s podcast have shown that I am serious about working alongside the club to improve fan engagement and that despite initial criticism of myself that I do know my stuff on Morton and have a long held passion for the club. I know there are some who will never accept me or my content which is fair enough, I get it but hopefully they’ll give it a chance. 🔵⚪️
  15. https://anchor.fm/footballCFB/episodes/Football-CFB-with----Morton-Club-Together-eab31k
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