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  1. Have a proper drink while yer typing, it'll help keep the tears at bay.
  2. It had a basement too, held gigs in the 80s, seen Felt play there. Total bin.
  3. So the only unnamed member of the leadership team is waiting for his employers (Scottish Police) to give him the OK. So, no secret cabal of empire builders. Why didn't they say this from the start rather than giving the impression that some of them wished to remain anonymous?
  4. And it comes complete with an inner secret cabal. It's certainly not the transparency and openness that was trumpeted on the scheme's launch.
  5. I didn't realise the victims needed this thread's comments in their fight for justice. The circus is short of a clown for tonight's show, you should give them a call.
  6. Is P&B doon? Can't get a full gloat-on here.
  7. The ladyboys only join the game in the event of a Thai.
  8. This apparently; "Pub Golf or Bar Golf is a recreational drinking game involving a selection of either nine or eighteen pubs, creating a "course" to be played by two or more people. It is essentially a pub crawl made into a game. Unlike the actual game of Golf, Pub Golf involves no ball or fairway." Wankish behaviour nonetheless.
  9. Maybe whooshing myself here, but you don't actually think those troughs were for pishing in, do you?!
  10. Was Gaston not on holiday/honeymoon at the time of the playoffs? If so, how amateurish are we!?
  11. Terrible, the closing lines especially. Avoirdupois... get yerself tae fvck mister poet in residence.
  12. Can someone periscope this please?
  13. Tragic evasion. I vaguely remember the trainer incident. The fact that you didn't originate the serial killer patter just makes you even more tiresome. I won't reply to any more of your nonsense,it's pointless,mocking the disabled and casual racism is seemingly allowed in here. Who am I to argue?
  14. Tragic patter. Making up a stupid lie then repeating it in every reply to my posts just shows you up as the witless moron we all know you to be. Stick to what you're known for in this forum; mocking the disabled and making racist comments.
  15. Tragic patter. If you weren't a hateful little bigot I would genuinely feel sorry for you.
  16. In future can you two girls keep your little slapping game in the bitches thread please?
  17. New threads posted every other day with no other purpose than to antagonise the sick blogger have no place in here. Linwood & Capt. have become two cheeks of the same arse, and their craic is foul.
  18. Isn't Tiffoney at Forest? http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/07/30/report-nottingham-forest-take-scott-tiffoney-on-trial/
  19. What you on about? If you wish to know my identity ask largston to point me out at Cappielow , I might even buy you a pint after. Having said all that, I still think you're a wanker Capt Edit- I removed the stuff about that rancid blog, you guys are right, I wouldn't want to cause any further upset to anyone.
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