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  1. After this week's horror stories that's a quite encouraging statement.

    This bit caught my attention; "The playing and coaching staff were asked to reduce their wages this year to assist the club. All players agreed to do this. They are a credit to Morton".

    Does that mean all or some of the coaching staff refused?

    And, where the fuck is the CEO? He's usually all to keen to rattle off a public statement.

  2. 1 hour ago, DreamOakTree said:

    Mr VikingTON, we the jury accept your plea of guilty to taking more pleasure out of denigrating Greenock Morton Football Club, it’s management, players and fans, than you do in actually supporting the club.

    If Morton's goals per game got anywhere close to your riddies per post rate we'd win the championship at a canter.

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  3. 45 minutes ago, Jamie_M said:

    Because there are rules for spfl streaming, including it being behind a subscription login just for the streaming and also blocked from having an account logged in on more than one device. Unlikely to set up YouTube to comply.

    Thanks for that.

    So before Tuesday evening we're going to have to get registered and make our £10 payments to a standalone streaming service which doesn't as yet exist. What could possibly go wrong?

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