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  1. They've spunked away a 7 figure sum trying to legally overturn a members vote. Fuck them.
  2. Trolling the whole Morton support with a new kit that can't be bought would be ultimate patter. No doubt we will have a pre-match launch before the Getafe friendly.
  3. So, are we going to announce this new kit (or the other random design in the weekly update video) or just randomly post pictures of it? Do we even know if it's an away kit or a third kit yet?
  4. Premiership players are making an absolute cunt of this. It wouldn't surprise me if the league ended up getting suspended or something similar, and we cannot have any complaints about it. Either the clubs have failed to inform the players of their specific requirements, or (more likely) the players have ignored them.
  5. So, are we all agreeing on a carry out in the car park for the home games?
  6. Or very very bad from a patter perspective.
  7. I see the 'Aberdeen 8' have released a joint statement. I think it's safe to say that their statement won't reduce the amount of (justifiable) flack they've received. It was also mentioned on Radio Scotland that Jason Leitch will have a Zoom call with all the Premiership managers and captains on Monday night.
  8. The only part of the US that is worth shipping to, or indeed caring about, is Wake Island.
  9. We were promised an interview today Morton. Tick tock.
  10. I've really enjoyed watching Lamie's progress since leaving Morton. When he first arrived he struggled at left back and got a lot of stick. He worked hard, improved his game quickly and became a popular member of the squad. He earned his chance to play at a higher level with Livi and left with the best wishes of the whole support. A Scotland call up would be incredible.
  11. Outstanding shithousing on display here.
  12. A solid performance from Lamie, who was definitely let down by Gallagher.
  13. Sir Ricki 'Big Handsome' Lamie currently playing centre back for Motherwell against Ross County. The game is on Sky Sports Main Event for anyone who fancies watching it.
  14. What we're seeing here is the manifestation of two separate issues. Tumilty leaving is a blow; the guy is a capable full-back and, more crucially in my view, a known quantity in a season where continuity is even more important than normal. However the massive backlash from today has more to do with the lack of communication from the club. We found out that Ramsbottom had left the club from his Instagram story, McLean from the PFA released list, McHugh from the Tele (IIRC), and now we've found out about Tumilty's departure from Raith Rovers. That's not good enough. It would take, quite literally, 30 seconds, to compose a tweet saying 'X, Y and Z have decided to leave the club. We'd like to thank them for their service and we wish them all the best for the future'. That can't be blamed on staff being on furlough. MacKinnon, to his credit, is very timely in his replies to fans who get in touch with him, and these circumstances are far from normal. However, he needs to understand the importance of getting information to fans in an appropriate and timely manner, or he runs the risk of generating this type of reaction anytime a player joins another club.
  15. There is absolutely no justification to keeping Sutton around if the Reserve league is cancelled for the season.
  16. That's twice I've tried to buy tickets and twice there have been technical issues. I won't be trying again either. Morton's half-arsed (which in itself is an incredibly generous description) approach to revenue generating during the lockdown/off season has really irked me.
  17. He will be working from home while still on full furlough I reckon. However that means if the club announce anything regarding players' futures, they run the risk of being accused of breaching the furlough rules.
  18. Anyone with access to WyScout will work out quite quickly that he's pish. If the Tele want to run a puff piece on him then good luck to them.
  19. I don't think for a second he's sitting in the house flicking between xHamster and Loose Women, he will have contacted the players privately and told them. But if the club give an update then it will be solid proof that Hopkin is in breach of furlough rules. You're entirely correct though, the management team should be back from furlough at the moment.
  20. I thought I'd buy a 50/50 ticket online using the link the club Twitter posted. This was the result. Never change Morton
  21. I doubt it. Given Hopkin is still on furlough (as far as I know anyway), he technically won't be able to decide who he wants to offer terms to and who he wants to release.
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