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  1. The collar extending into the blue does look shite, but 'we've been played' is particularly hyperbolic. Is the account ran by some random wallpuncher?
  2. Whoever Dunfermline replaced Nisbet with was always going to be a downgrade, but McManus is a League One striker. That's a massive downgrade.
  3. The first part of Super Scoreboard tonight was full of Partick fans frothing at the mouth about clubs being asked to pay for Dundee United's legal fees. Their elongated meltdown over this has been absolutely outstanding.
  4. Pretty much. We've had the odd orange and the odd green kit, if they're nice designs then get it done.
  5. It's the obvious choice to postpone this season if needs must, but the Challenge Cup and it's foreign entrants must stay. This hiatus gives us the perfect chance to arrange Shetland, Orkney and FC Luch Vladivostok's entry into the 2021/22 Challenge Cup.
  6. I'd be highly surprised if League One and League Two clubs were involved in this season's League Cup at all. I'd imagine they might use the League Cup group stages as a guinea pig for closed door games or games at a neutral 'hub' venue.
  7. I've not had any first hand experience with Joma kits, but I've not heard anyone with a good word to say about them. I'm happy enough with our current suppliers, the quality of the merchandise I've bought thus far has been absolutely fine.
  8. Both were far too slow in dealing with the outbreak of the pandemic around January/February time. I flew back to Scotland from Singapore in mid-February. Admittedly Singapore had an outbreak earlier than the UK, but they also acted far more quickly and effectively. The week that I left was the seventh week of restrictions in Singapore. Between leaving my apartment block to go to the airport and boarding the flight, I had my temperature checked four times, two of which were full body screenings. Compare that to transferring at Heathrow and arriving at Glasgow and the difference was stark. Neither airport had any hand gel or masks available for the public, either for free or for sale. In the six hours I spent in Heathrow waiting for my connection I didn't see or hear any signage/messages regarding social distancing or anything COVID related. There are plenty of valid criticisms to be made of the UK Government's handling of the pandemic. Off the top of my head; 'herd immunity', both a lack of PPE and spending millions of pounds buying unusable PPE, dithering over an EU support mechanism regarding the supply of ventilators, inadequate messaging such as 'control the virus' and 'stay alert' and the entire Cummings fiasco. There are probably a dozen more that could be listed. The infection and death rate in care homes across the UK has been abysmal. Scotland's administration acted too slowly initially, but they've made less fatal errors than England. I'm fearful of a second wave hitting soon, and I think it will hit England far harder than rUK.
  9. It does mean that we're now having to completely rebuild the defensive and attacking units, in a season where we don't have as much time to bind a squad together. That's a concern.
  10. As shite as it is, at least we've not lost him to a direct rival. Good luck to him.
  11. I think it's highlighted a few internal issues the club have - the lack of coordination between commercial/marketing and media being the key one. I think the best way forward would have been to keep the commercial staff running full time, and give them some social media training to pick up the slack there. Regular social media output during lockdown is/was a luxury, but commercial activity should have been viewed as essential. It's concerning that the current regime, who made their break-even mantra clear from day one, aren't looking to maximise every possible source of income.
  12. Absolutely, and good on fans who have donated cash to Morton/MCT during the pandemic, but that doesn't give the club an out for doing nothing. The club should have been pulling out all the stops to maximise revenue during this period, in the knowledge that other clubs in our division were doing exactly that.
  13. Hold on, so clubs are actually allowed to generate revenue during this period!?
  14. I know our budget is going to be very tight again this season, but I can't see Dundee (basket-case potential aside) or Dunfermline handing out much bigger contracts than us this season. Hopefully with MCT funding we can tie Cadden/Nisbett up for next season at least.
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