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  1. As Alan mentions above, this points to the massive disconnect between our commercial and communications departments. It's a complete lack of a cohesive plan to maximise income - which should be the top priority for a club insisting on running a break even budget. The lack of overall strategy, leadership and cohesiveness is frightening, but unfortunately it's very Morton.
  2. So, is the new Admiral training gear going to be available for the public to buy in Smiths? Or are they going to continue selling training gear that the club are no longer using?
  3. Neither do you if that cheese line was meant to be a joke.
  4. Speaking of commercial activity - I noticed the website now has a click-through to a website making 'customised' merchandise like this; Suffering fuck. Disband the club and let's start again.
  5. I'd pay good money to not speak to Gherry when collecting my top.
  6. Making a new YouTube channel for Ton TV makes absolutely no sense, especially given we have a very respectable audience built up on the old channel. I just don't get it.
  7. Hynes is definitely a strange one. He's about two years older than Lewis Strapp, but can count his first team appearances (under three different managers) on one hand. I know some guys are late developers, but if three successive managers have overlooked you, there's definitely something wrong.
  8. They were still there, and showing Harkins and Tidser, the day of the 2-1 loss to Partick Thistle (28th Dec 2019). When did they get removed?
  9. He is a Championship level defender, so you'd think he will have at least a couple of offers at this level, but as mentioned there is a chance he will end up with a fatter pay packet at one of the League One clubs.
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