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  1. An FM18 hero, but not one I'd want to sign in real life.
  2. Did anyone from the club do any sampling or quality control between the kits being manufactured and sent to Smiths? If not then why not? Morton seem to have very little interest or control over the quality/consistency of their most important piece of merchandise. The entire production chain seems to be an absolute clusterfuck.
  3. The collar extending into the blue does look shite, but 'we've been played' is particularly hyperbolic. Is the account ran by some random wallpuncher?
  4. Whoever Dunfermline replaced Nisbet with was always going to be a downgrade, but McManus is a League One striker. That's a massive downgrade.
  5. The first part of Super Scoreboard tonight was full of Partick fans frothing at the mouth about clubs being asked to pay for Dundee United's legal fees. Their elongated meltdown over this has been absolutely outstanding.
  6. Pretty much. We've had the odd orange and the odd green kit, if they're nice designs then get it done.
  7. It's the obvious choice to postpone this season if needs must, but the Challenge Cup and it's foreign entrants must stay. This hiatus gives us the perfect chance to arrange Shetland, Orkney and FC Luch Vladivostok's entry into the 2021/22 Challenge Cup.
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