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  1. They've spunked away a 7 figure sum trying to legally overturn a members vote. Fuck them.
  2. Trolling the whole Morton support with a new kit that can't be bought would be ultimate patter. No doubt we will have a pre-match launch before the Getafe friendly.
  3. So, are we going to announce this new kit (or the other random design in the weekly update video) or just randomly post pictures of it? Do we even know if it's an away kit or a third kit yet?
  4. Premiership players are making an absolute cunt of this. It wouldn't surprise me if the league ended up getting suspended or something similar, and we cannot have any complaints about it. Either the clubs have failed to inform the players of their specific requirements, or (more likely) the players have ignored them.
  5. So, are we all agreeing on a carry out in the car park for the home games?
  6. Or very very bad from a patter perspective.
  7. I see the 'Aberdeen 8' have released a joint statement. I think it's safe to say that their statement won't reduce the amount of (justifiable) flack they've received. It was also mentioned on Radio Scotland that Jason Leitch will have a Zoom call with all the Premiership managers and captains on Monday night.
  8. The only part of the US that is worth shipping to, or indeed caring about, is Wake Island.
  9. We were promised an interview today Morton. Tick tock.
  10. I've really enjoyed watching Lamie's progress since leaving Morton. When he first arrived he struggled at left back and got a lot of stick. He worked hard, improved his game quickly and became a popular member of the squad. He earned his chance to play at a higher level with Livi and left with the best wishes of the whole support. A Scotland call up would be incredible.
  11. Outstanding shithousing on display here.
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