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  1. We've absolutely broken Hearts. The seethe in this thread is beyond belief. https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/190724-morton-v-hearts-stream-–-early-bird-special/
  2. 6 teams from both the Highland and Lowland Leagues would make the competition a far more attractive prospect.
  3. I'm not surprised by these results at all. Given that we have seen first hand how lucrative the League Cup can be, I'm surprised at the 'extension of pre-season' narrative we've witnessed under McKinnon and subsequently Hopkin. Win your group and you're two matches, one of which you are seeded for, away from being at Hampden for a national cup semi final. It's also worth noting that, according to the red tops anyway, the League Cup prize pot is higher than the Scottish Cup. The League Cup has potential to earn the club a lot of revenue early in the season. Why are we shunning this opportunity because we can't/won't arrange a couple more pre-season friendlies? As for the Challenge Cup, there are two main reasons why I'd like the club to treat the competition more seriously. The first is the potential for a novelty away day, turning up at some bin town in Wales or Ireland and pumping them would be excellent. The second is that for a club of our size, winning the Challenge Cup is a realistic aim. I know including the Colt teams is a nonsense, but it's still a tournament that we should be capable of winning. We're the most underachieving full time club in Scotland, who the fuck are we to turn our noses up at any cup success? A more overarching point is that Morton as a club are, generally speaking, mainstays in the second tier. I think we can all agree that supporting Morton can be repetitive and stale at times. A cup run, whether as substantial as Jim Duffy taking us to Hampden or simply a weekend on the piss with our mates in Sligo in the Challenge Cup, would be an excellent for the club. We also have an aging fanbase who, like all clubs, need to entice younger supporters into forming an emotional attachment to the club. Morton, MCT and Morton in the Community can have all the soft marketing outcomes they like, nothing engages and inspires young football fans more than success. If you want to put more bums in seats every second Saturday then making cup success a priority will go a long way to achieving that.
  4. That's a fantastic way to package 'we've not got enough money to buy meat for the players'
  5. Assuming you've mixed Strapp and Ledger up, the weakness I see with that shape/system is our left hand side. McLean has improved this season, but I think that has been down to getting more protection in the back five rather than in a back four. In that system you'd expect the full backs to provide most of the attacking width in our build up play at least, meaning Strapp has to commit further forward. It runs the risk of exposing McLean quite badly. It's a shape that could definitely be of use to this squad though.
  6. 'However, the boys are giving me their all out on the park' is just a modern version of Jim McInally's 'I can't fault my boys' efforts today, they were just more streetwise than us'.
  7. Robert Thomson puts Alloa 1-0 up against Dundee.
  8. Regardless of what he does or doesn't contribute on the pitch and whether the way he is treated by the supporters is justified or not, that sending off was absolutely indefensible.
  9. Spent most of his developmental years either on the treatment table or moving around from club to club, and off the pitch seems to be a wrong'un. It's a no from me.
  10. Callum seemed to insinuate in a few carefully worded tweets last night that he was at Cappielow on media duty. Why then, was he wearing a red lanyard, which was the same as the commentary team, while every other journalist who was inside the ground was wearing a yellow lanyard? Notice from these photos that media guys such as Des McKeown are wearing yellow lanyards, but CFB and Dave MacKinnon are in red lanyards. He's scabbing and obviously thinks we're too thick to notice.
  11. That is scab behaviour, plain and simple. Disgusting behaviour from Callum and really unsavoury behaviour from MacKinnon.
  12. It'll also be interesting to see where the funds for refunding customers comes from. Is there pot of money sitting aside to cover our CEO making an absolute arse of it?
  13. Can't clubs stream it despite it also being on TV? Didn't Hearts stream their game last night?
  14. https://www.gmfc.net/club-statement-live-streaming-issues/
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