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  1. The Poles managed to last longer in Europe in 1939 than in this campaign.
  2. 0/10 Your groomer needs to put down the Toilet Duck and come up with material for you that isn't that shite. Next.
  3. Tool of revisionist nationalist scum found. Poland is the Ireland of eastern Europe - constantly blaming everyone else for its own mess.
  4. Only if Hugh Scott can be safely captured and pushed at bayonet point into a Yekaterinburg cellar.
  5. And the Soviet Union in 1945 could have gone into Finland and Austria but didn't, because they're irrelevant bins. Rothesay is Greenock's East Germany/Crimea, with enough bin pubs to justify outright annexation.
  6. If we're expanding our dominant rule like Soviet Russia between 1939-45 - and who wouldn't? - then the Elbow Room in Inverkip, the Station Bar in Wemyss Bay and the Black Bull in Rothesay also now form part of Greenock's bin pub dominion.
  7. He's in the forum gulag using his teeth to harvest raw uranium for the Motherland.
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