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  1. Jack Iredale has been let go by Carlisle. One of the few ex-players that’ll end up linked with us I’d actually take back.
  2. As I’ve been informed...the whole ‘gimmick’ is that there isn’t proper football discussion, just patter. If it’s supposed to be funny I’m clearly missing the jokes.
  3. That’s a shame. On his first spell here he turned into a cracking player for this level but injuries have totally knackered him.
  4. What exactly did you expect the Raes to do in this situation? Golden Casket are already covering the wages before the government funding comes in. MCT could be vital to us continuing to operate at this level when things are back to some degree of normality.
  5. Ex-staff, but our physio’s taking us to a tribunal over ‘sex discrimination’ to do with her being punted a while ago amid the betting scandal(s)...
  6. Totally agree with the above. Brechin have nobody to blame but themselves for the position they’re in. Their BOD do seem like complete charlatans, so I do have a small level of sympathy for the fans (all 50 of them) but zero tears will be getting shed when they’re sent packing.
  7. Tidser will probably still be wheeled out at hospitality here in 10/20 years after we’ve achieved nothing in that timeframe and had few other more notable players. If it were up to me he wouldn’t darken the club’s door again, but I just have a feeling he’ll wind up back here in some capacity.
  8. What a pathetic lack of ambition. He’ll be making good money though so I doubt he’s arsed.
  9. Gutting. If he’s still available in May, get it done.
  10. In near-ex player news, Kilmarnock are trying to buy Kirk Broadfoot back from St Mirren for some reason.
  11. Get it right up him. Looking forward to jumping in his taxi next time I’m in Dundee.
  12. I wouldn’t be that shocked to see it be us tbh. Already know we’re looking to add a forward, and Hopkin’s worked with genuine convicted criminals in the past.
  13. We can’t have one for Ricksen and not Mason.
  14. I’m surprised we’re as high up as that.
  15. He was atrocious in the 13/14 campaign. I know nearly everyone was, but as VT has pointed out many a time, his attempts at screening that season were laughable. Clearly benefited from very good coaching from Potter and his team when he moved to Sweden initially.
  16. Just realised Beetee appears to be no more. What a time fo be alive.
  17. I was worried about this. When the money isn’t being used to bring in decent players, pledgers are (probably rightly) going to get agitated.
  18. Nah different one. Imagine losing to Clyde. CLYDE
  19. Michael Tidser subbed off at HT for Falkirk as they trail Clyde at Broadwood.
  20. I’m not saying he did it, but he probably did it. Please let that deal go through.
  21. If our entire budget has been spent on the squad we have at the minute then something is very wrong.
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