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  1. 8 minutes ago, Caltonfan said:

    Last home game v Raith fans where held back from exiting whilst the Raith players took their time leaving the field obviously it let folk shout at tumilty but at a guess the club probably thought that was an inconvenience for fans having to wait and it made more sense to go out the wde. 


    Ah fair enough. Thought we’d managed to break the Sinclair Street gate as well. 

  2. 1 hour ago, TRVMP said:

    With the exception of some of the Youtube-friendly clubs, I think this is happening to every club in the UK. Older fans are dying out and new ones aren't coming to take their place. This is also happening at the playing level, where a lot of non-league, amateur, welfare etc. teams and even leagues are falling by the wayside.

    I don't know the answer. If we tried to be Hashtag United or SE Dons or something it'd come across as forced and tryhard and wouldn't land.

    Perhaps we just wait for the little scrotes to grow up and be less interested in chasing girls and drinking minimum-priced alcopops and settle into middle-aged boringness (such as watching provincial football clubs.)

    Aye, agree on that. I wonder how much Inverclyde’s socio-economic state factors in here as well. We’ll face many of the same challenges as other clubs, but probably always slightly worse.   

  3. Agreed, it’s a really well put together bit of work. Interesting that just 6% of the support is 20 or under (though you’d assume much of that’s down to fewer of them taking the time to fill out the survey) 

    Probably isn’t too far off the actual %, we’ve got an ageing fanbase and converting young people into supporters over the last 20 years has been a real issue.

  4. Can understand a survey for general merchandise ideas and to ask fans which bits of shite they’d like to see produced, but to identify we need to do anything!? I’m honestly baffled at it and that line on Twitter about the hoops to jump through. It’s straight out the Rae playbook, and even they occasionally managed to sell nonsense at Christmas. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, TONofmemories said:

    This. I find the whole releasing statements etc really cringeworthy, tbh.

    They fucked up not addressing it earlier but there's an element of folk making a song and dance about not much. It happened over a decade ago, he's been employed since and is presumably remorseful and has had to live with his actions since.

    “Presumably” being the key word there. There’s been zero effort to communicate that, or respond when asked to communicate that. Releasing statements about any old shit is needless and should be avoided, but something like that (under fan ownership especially) required a bit of clarity. 

  6. Fair play for getting that together, and it’s nice to have faces to questions, but it’s hard to come out of that feeling anything but worried. Not expecting miracles overnight and for us to suddenly start behaving like a completely competent football club, but the basics in stuff like hospitality, marketing, social media, web content, advertising etc I thought we’d have  nailed down early doors (and really needed to) we just don’t. A couple of those are made more difficult by the team’s performance of course, but I’m struggling to see any kind of progress and we’re about to hit November.

  7. Made this point before, but I’ll do it again. I don’t see why any of the legal details should be holding up us completely revamping our socials/website output, and actually marketing. There’s been little things we’ve done better, but none of it feels joined up. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, TRVMP said:

    Just looked at the new site again. The volunteer team seems to be massive. Not necessarily a bad thing but I'd be surprised if it was particularly cohesive.

    And is Gordon Ritchie ever going to make himself known? Lord Lucan's posed for a photo more recently than he has.

    I (believe) he’s the one that’s the spitting image of Harold Shipman. There may be method to the madness. 

  9. Agree with much of what’s been said previously, won’t repeat it foo much. It’s very early days and I’m still reasonably confident things will improve, but it’s not a great start in terms of comms is it? 

    We had the swanky video for the season ticket launch - but what have we actually done to drive that since? I can’t think of anything across the limited channels we use. I’m honestly baffled as of to how we’d come into this with basically nothing? There’s the #NothingWithoutYou hashtag, but the fuck does that even mean? We’ve not posted anything with it since the 9th of June. 

    Transfer of ownership issues should’ve had no impact on a campaign that should’ve been planned our months ago - and I don’t understand why our socials output at such a critical time for selling kits/STs/hospitality/advertising/MCT membership is still as limited. Few things in the takeover are going to be done with the flick of a switch, but that really needed to be one of them. 

    Again, early days -not hanging them out to dry or anything but we needed to hit the ground running in regards to our marketing and comms and just haven’t. 

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