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  1. As usual Donut a snide response but you otherwise sit on the fence careful not to express an opinion. Looks like another snafu of the cards.
  2. His goal per games ratio for Ayr makes Wake look like a complete fanny.
  3. That’s what you get when you mess with Dr Stephen Strange, PhuD, and his Wand of Watoomb.
  4. A marquee signing eh? Presumably you think he doesn’t do much, just loiters with intent.
  5. Meanwhile, Raymond, in the real world, a jobbing itinerant mercenary joins club 13 still in the lowest tier of English football.
  6. More flake news. 18th out of 24 and out of the FA Cup to Yeovil, effortless swordings only in your parallel universe Donut.
  7. They have better caravan sites in Nsilsworth than Burslem I believe and, as FGR are a vegan club, the donkeys get to eat the grass. Maybe you will be able to pop along to a game and scrawl your latest Sir AF and son slur on the back of a toilet door. Seems to be about your level at the moment.
  8. Someone stole my old one but luckily the police recovered it for me.
  9. If you fancy watching it from the luxury of an Emirates hospitality suite ask Toby to let me know.
  10. I don’t but you chose to support an allegation whose sole purpose was to malign the guy not celebrate his current success. We can all see how successful he has been but the reason for his denigration is hardly in plain sight. If you want to bring misery to the party you could at least front up. Too much on here about bringing people down. I support Morton because I enjoy them winning, I don’t support them because I want Falkirk or whoever we play to lose.
  11. Everybody knows it, even the Raes. It was on the blog.
  12. Oh dear Stevie boy, for an aspiring historian you have a pretty poor grasp of what constitutes a fact. Niall Ferguson you ain’t. If you are too thick to convince us mere mortals on here about the strength of your case then that Pan Slav thesis of yours must be a real dogs breakfast.
  13. As usual you miss the point entirely. You slagged the guy off for his alleged actions. I asked you to supply evidence in support of your assertion but you failed to do so. Had you done so you might have convinced me that you were right. Your subsequent ramblings just lead me to think that you are an ill informed numpty.
  14. Not at all Bob. I think we can all take it as read that given the time which has elapsed the Bachirou bashers have not one scintilla of evidence to justify their claims against him. Empty vessels make the most noise as usual.
  15. Come on precious we clearly haven’t been told the facts. You and your mates have simply made a statement. Whether someone is in breach of contract is a finding of fact which can only be made on consideration of all of the primary facts as well as a consideration of the precise terms of the contract. No “doctor” would breach confidentiality to talk to any third party about another’s medical report. It would result him being struck off the medical register.
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