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  1. McKinnon talks a good game . Tells us what we want to hear . Useless . . Don't need a CEO . Look at the money we,d save . Give it to Gerry as well
  2. Who,s controlling the camera ? Stevie Wonder ? Wants to zoom in and out better
  3. Whoopty Doo . Have you,s all purchased . OMG . You,d think naebody had ever watched a Stream before . Scary
  4. I know it,s a disgrace . Not a stitch coming from the club . More interested in raffles . And everyone who gets interviewed on Youtube seems to be offski
  5. Here it is https://news.stv.tv/sport/football/morton-announce-plan-to-become-community-owned-club
  6. Can go with the League and Scottish Cups . Let's hope that idiot Doncaster has the decency to scrap The Scottish irn Bru,McGhees Rolls Tunnocks Caramel Wafer , invite everybody in the UK whatever it,s called cup .
  7. Bob gone now Cadden . Nothing coming out of Cappielow other than YouTube player interviews and ramblings about Ton TV . Dunfermline got it spot on . Get rid ,get in what money we can so we don't have to pay anyone under furlough and sign everyone from scratch . Not us . Still haven't heard from club either about what do you want done with the money left from your season ticket from last season . Still 4 home games left when Covid arrived . I,d tell them to keep it anyway if it helps the club but it,s nice to be asked . So I think I,d be worried about next season
  8. There is no Old Firm anymore , remember ? The Rangers died when the Ton survived . Fk them anyway
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