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  1. Scott McLaughlin and McInally having a chance to starting the campaign with a win against Sevco The Rangers 2012.
  2. Yes the guy had potential looked a prospect but never fulfilled it when he was with us, Millar being one of the only memorable successes I know Gardyne went on to the SPL but it wasn't as if he was here for long. Wasn't backtracking lot of hype surrounded him and he was one of those exempt from criticism but he was too inconsistent and we should have let him move to Motherwell or whoever put a bid in for him.
  3. On the McAlister front i wasn't being nasty just honest and agree that if we had allowed him to move on he may have developed into a better player given some of the wasters we had in charge. The decision to allow that team who were pretty unconvincing for much of the 2nd div to go into the first and it basically stalled our progression. Anyway if Sevco are spending £5-7k a week on the likes of Black and Shiel then they will be looking at better quality to overcome the likes of Elgin.
  4. No one tried more than Kev Finlayson that however did not exempt him from putting more crosses in the coal dipit than the box. Part of our problem why we did not have a greater impact in the 1st division was our faith in guys who were simply not good enough at the next level.
  5. On the McAlister front, Div2 is about his level doubt he'll make it with Sevco given their determination to squander vast amounts of cash to get through the seaside leagues. No doubt we will still have those who remember the Pelesque skills , mazy runs past player after cart horse before falling over his own feet when he got into the box, a player sorely missed.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-sout...otland-19067325
  7. Aye good album , I'll have to dig it out and give it a listen .
  8. Neds Atomic Dustbin - kill your television
  9. Thanks mate , have you seen the JD film control yet ? Sorry about the sign, can't help being an arse some/most of the time delete as appropriate . Hendrix Foxy Lady
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