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  1. Morton vs Dundee – Match Preview by Dean McKinnon Morton head into Saturday’s match looking to continue the momentum generated by an excellent performance and result at Tynecastle last week. Craig McGuffie’s outstanding strike from the edge of the box gave The Ton the lead after fifty-three minutes, with a header from Jamie Walker securing a share of the spoils for both sides. Anton McElhone freshened his side up, lining up in a 4-3-3 and reintroducing Kyle Jacobs in the heart of midfield after his injury lay-off. Despite conceding chances in the opening stages of the first half, Mor
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  2. MLS quality really isn't that great. In terms of pay he'll be making far, far more than at Killie, however. Even the lowest-paid MLS players make an alright middle-class living and he won't be on the league minimum.
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  3. You just know that he'll be roundly criticised by people who don't know what they're talking about for moving to the MLS, but that's a great move for him, and certainly a step up from Kilmarnock. Good luck to him.
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  4. I do. For 20 years they’ve not bothered their arse with trying to maximise revenue through their commercial activities, and now they’re just about out the door, having set us an ultimatum about what they walk out with under their arm, they’re quite happy to put everything that’s left over on sale to the daft mugs that they should’ve been catering for a couple of decades back. They’ll be selling off the lightbulbs soon enough, but there have been times down the years you couldn’t even buy a key ring from them. Trying to punt off that old shite to make “money for old rope” when they ne
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