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    Fair enough. Let's get the outlandish guesses started. My guess is that we've spent the Scottish Government grant money on magic beans.
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    Contract extensions for Blues and Muirhead. 😄
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    You can't just leave it at that.
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    FFS, have we locked the blind tea and toast room again?
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    Front page? Ooft. Given some of the Tele’s recent efforts it could be anything. Kalvin Orsi overcharged in Morrisons, Cammy Salkeld not picking up his dog’s shite, Brian McLean at Word Up. All on the cards.
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    Why are they even out there? Apart from the reason that they are absolute cunts of course.
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    Don't forget he also had his own 'Sprint Challenge' at the family fun day. He remains undefeated I believe.
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    Given Lyon was out of the picture barely a month ago I wouldn't be rushing into anything, no. Once we have the ownership question settled, a firm idea of how exactly the club is going to operate going forward, a permanent coaching team, oh and an end to the unsustainable, BCD nonsense all in place then we can consider trying to tie up players to contract extensions. That's not going to happen before the autumn.
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    I’m questioning why we’ve dominated two games and couldn’t win them. Orsi played in both games so I’m unsure if he’s the answer. He’s done okay but I was thinking of a taller player with more of a physical presence. We obviously can’t afford a Lyndon Dykes but someone of a similar presence could be a focal point for our creative players. As Nonirontons said, long throws as well as crosses are landing in dangerous areas and no-one seems to be there to capitalise. Players of the creative ability of Lyon, Strapp and Nesbit would surely benefit from having such a focal point, both as a target and as an improved end product.
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    As previous stated MCT have put two members on the board and are currently undertaking the due diligence process while gaining an understanding of the Morton business processes. Not sure what more can be expected of this group and while both players merit consideration the main objective is to secure the the long term survival of the club.
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    GMFC.net get a kick off time right?
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    I hear that there is to be a revelation on tomorrow's front page, not good reading apparently.😳☹️

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