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    And here we have, under the letter J, we've got Jean Johannson, there is Junior football and Jai Quitongo - yes, he's still there.
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    They are hoping to get people to avoid going to the club page but to go straight to the TV page. They still need links on the homepage, shop page and ticketing page though.
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    This has the makings of another Vardy v Rooney
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    Eastenders hasn’t been this good in years.
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    Good a few goals. Let's hope they are all at the WDE. On a serious point. I invested my last Tuesday's refund on a Queens PK PPV ticket. I would advise supporters to buy tickets early as suggested by Morton. My experience was simple but the match did not appear on my account for two hours. So might be a problem with buying just prior to match. Also can't seem to get by PayPal option, maybe PC knows I have an account. It may also be the verification paying by this method needs validation before loading matchday tickets. Buyer beware.

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