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    Cheers. Pity if he does end up there, I like Conor Pepper.
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    That's twice I've tried to buy tickets and twice there have been technical issues. I won't be trying again either. Morton's half-arsed (which in itself is an incredibly generous description) approach to revenue generating during the lockdown/off season has really irked me.
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    That pathetic loser Ray 'Ray' McKinnon will sign at least one of them for his tribute act.
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    Joe 'good wee player' McKee and Jai Quitongo both leave Dumbarton. Anyone advocating their return to Cappielow will face death by firing squad.
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    Running a professional football club is an entirely separate challenge to anything MCT have done so far and there have been plenty of supporters' groups that were good at one and not the other. There is no other football club for us to fall back on, so just like any other owner we shouldn't be giving MCT a free pass for statements of intent that don't stand up to scrutiny.
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    I too will judge his track record based on events that took place in the season before he joined the club.
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    Seven-years-old, training four times a week (and playing games at weekend) learning a new language... a lot of pressure at such a young age, but it sounds like he's doing well. Some decent players have come through at Levante in the past. Probably best-known these days is Vicente Iborra. Jose Enrique (ex-Liverpool) as well.
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    Lahti, where Jari Litmanen once played. In fairness to JJ, TPS were already on a four-game losing run when he joined. Looks like they're in a right mess. What a shame.
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    Johansson’s new charges lost 3-1 at home to FC Lahti in his first game. That’ll be Jean started blocking those Finnish Twitter accounts already, then.
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    I think that today was his first official match rather than the match they lost shortly after he was announced.

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