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    Johansson’s new charges lost 3-1 at home to FC Lahti in his first game. That’ll be Jean started blocking those Finnish Twitter accounts already, then.
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    You've touched on one of the biggest concerns - they are confident that they can save around £100,000 a year but still have to work with the club for at least this season to find out more about how its run. Both of these don't really fit if they need to learn about what's needed to run a full time club so what are these savings and why are they so confident without having knowledge of running a club? I've said before, I think most of the work being done is good and most questions have been getting answered over time but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be other questions getting asked.
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    Yeah, a few unanswered and most people I've spoke to share the concerns about being split from the assets, etc. Maybe a follow up Q&A would help. I get why there's promotion of MCT and its working but it would be good to hear some more details on the plans now everyone has had a think about them.
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    But you're still immediately adding costs rather than getting rid of them, as MCT claimed they'd be able to do straight off the bat. And unlike the past twenty years, you can't just bung those on an IOU to GC or even in a worst case secure a credit facility against the ground. If you want to add a salaried commercial manager to a break-even organisation then you have to either increase your income first or something/somebody else needs to go at the club. I'm not convinced that this would be the best use of club resources but even if it is, the initial outlay before it pays off over time has to come from somewhere. There's no getting round the very tight financial position GMFC will be in from Day 1 of the new regime and blithe statements like 'och we can cut costs and raise income at the same time' before MCT have even taken over do not lend them greater credibility.
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    It wasn't me who kept saying that although the club did mention high maintenance costs at every agm. I don't really see the issue with asking some questions and being a bit worried about vague answers. Like I said earlier, I've been a member of MCT since the start, spoke to the guys involved and am generally supportive of it but most people I've spoken to have similar concerns. Most questions have been getting answered and the progress over the last year or so has been impressive so it's not all doom and gloom but some more detail around certain aspects might encourage more new backers, maybe ever yourself.

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