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Greenock Applies for City Status


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As laughable as it may seem, when you consider that the likes of Livingston, Dudley and Merthyr Tydfil are all bidding for 'City Status' and the 'prestige' that may bring, then why not Greenock?

When you look at the big towns in England who are bidding such as Reading and Middlesbrough - these are effectively Cities in their own right in all but name - the best hope that Greenock has in this contest is to be awarded on the basis of tokenism, yet if a larger neighbouring town such as Paisley were to decide it was to bid, then the Elephant's Graveyard wouldn't stand a chance.

ETA: If 'thu coonsul' decide to submit a bid for Greenock, then I'd imagine residents from Gourock and the Port would feel aggrieved as they have as much going for them nowadays as Greenock.




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Did we get city status?

Can we get a twin town?

edit: I see this embarrassment of a pigs' beauty contest takes place in December, ergo our inevitable failure hasn't yet taken place.

My sincere advice to the cooncil is to pack it in. Greenock's not getting city status - when the promotional film 'Sea City' was produced in the mid seventies, Greenock was a good deal bigger and more consequential than it is now, and still it remained a town, and thus it will ever be - and our entry is like the first two episodes of shows like Pop Idol where they show all the very special entrants and the delusional for comic relief.

We should instead be trying for twin town status with various far-flung locations the world over. There are Greenocks in Pennsylvania, "Australia", and Jamaica. There's a Morton here in Texas and, judging from when I last drove through about fifteen years ago*, they could do with something eventful happening so they'd probably jump at the chance. 

City status is crap. Made-up places like "Inverness" have it. Having an excellent twin town for cooncilors to go to on junkets is where it's at. Let's get some twin towns.

*I remember passing through a town called Muleshoe the same day, on the way to my motel in Lubbock. Maybe we could twin with Muleshoe if Morton turn us down.

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