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2 minutes ago, HamCam said:

If MCT has chosen to continue with Interstadia it should not need to be fixed soon, it should have been ready to go. The dogs breakfast that is the Interstadia site is not a new issue it has been a known issue since we signed up to it. 

This is one area where I have a lot of sympathy with MCT. Before they had the keys to the club they wouldn't be in a position to make demands of a third-party vendor. I'm sure this came up - it must have done - but it feels like something they can't really get to grips with until they're fully in control of the relationship between Morton and third parties.

I'd like to know precisely how much the outgoing Board sanctioned in payments to these Interstadia cowboys over the years. I recall Hawke saying that we weren't paying full price, given the disaster that was the rollout, but nonetheless we can't have been getting this for free, can we?

The car park was just resting in my account

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Also, US Federal tax returns have an optional field where you can donate to the government. Such a field is as welcome there as it would be on a season ticket form. People 'donating' to a limited comp

I was trying to be polite but aye, this is the size of it. It's the day the club advertised as launch day. They said that Cappielow was open 9 to 5. Therefore, Cappielow should be open 9 to 5. Workers

One of the selling points for membership is to get stuff like that - discounts and so on. Makes perfect sense to me.

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I can only agree with all the above criticism as none of this stuff is particularly complicated or arduous. It requires thought, planning and commitment to get the detail right and it will make a huge difference to the fans perspective of which direction we're moving in.

I don't think enough thought is being given to the bread and butter stuff and at the moment we appear a bit lacking in leadership and delivery.

It is early days and I fully expect it will take some time to get a grip of some of these issues but we don't have the luxury of a honeymoon period. The battle to change the face of Morton is happening now and MCT need to grasp the opportunity.

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