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Match Preview/Thread - Dundee vs Morton (Championship 10th April)

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I'm about to flip a coin. I hope it turns up Heads. But that requires a 100% success rate, which is practically impossible. 

Ah, shoehorned every centre half you can find into the team. Welcome back Jim Duffy.

Aye BBC. Very good.

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47 minutes ago, DreamOakTree said:

I hope you’re right, though 5 points from 3 games would require a transformation from averaging one point per match to a points ratio bettered only by Hearts. 

^^^ idiot found

The site is supposed to be a place for the extended 'family' of Morton supporters - having an affinity with people that you don't know, because you share a love of your local football club. It's not supposed to be about point scoring and showing how 'clever' or 'funny' you are, or just being downright rude and offensive to people you don't know, because you can get away with it. Unfortunately, it seems the classic case of people who have little standing/presence in real life, use this forum as a way of making themselves feel as if they are something. It's sad, and I've said that before..


So, having been on Morton forums for about 15 years I guess, I've had enough... well done t*ssers, another Morton supporter driven away. You can all feel happy at how 'clever' you are

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