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Where will Morton finish this season?

Where will Morton finish this season?  

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  1. 1. As above

    • 4th or higher (Promotion Playoff Place)
    • 5th
    • 6th
    • 7th
    • 8th
    • 9th (Relegation Playoff Place)
    • 10th (Automatic Relegation)

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12 hours ago, capitanus said:

My worst fear is us being relegated in a play off against Partick Thistle.  I hate that fucking club.


However, us beating them to keep them down would be worth any short term irritant caused by being involved in the relegation play-offs.



The way things are looking they might not even make the top five split, never mind the the top four for the playoffs.

Ayr having Dunfermline this Saturday is giving me the fear. Dunfermline are 10 away games without a win in the league, their only away win was at Alloa at the start of the season. If Ayr win and we lose catching them will look unrealistic.

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Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Oh Lord, Brian Wake


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Yip, Ayr Dunfermline is giving me the fear. We are the only team that Dunfermline have been able to beat!! 

I am convinced we are losing on Saturday so would take an draw at Ayr considering both Arbroath and Ayr play the following week. 


BTW I forgot about the League 1/2 split thing. 

Thought it was just 18. 



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Ayr have 2 winnable home games, and the game at Arbroath where they might only need to avoid losing. Their final game is tough on paper, but it depends on what the promotion play-off situation is like by then. They are the team with the advantage in terms of fixtures, IMO. Ayr know that if they win today and us and Arbroath lose, then it's looking unlikely that they will finish 9th. A loss today would put big pressure on them going into next week, but they would still have the winnable game at home against QotS that could get them out of trouble. 

Arbroath essentially have 2 cup finals at home, but they might need to win both of them because it would be a bonus for them to pick up points in their away games (although, like others have said, Dunfermline are giving me the fear). 

I think it probably looks toughest for us now. I think we'll be safe if we win our last two games. 4 points (with the point being in Arbroath) would mean we really need other results to go our way. There might be one or two surprises to come, but we've given away any advantage we might have had by losing on Tuesday. 

The problem for all 3 teams is that the teams further up the league are all very motivated by the promotion playoff places, and they're all hitting form at the right time apart from Dunfermline (who will be our downfall if they don't turn things around). 

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Results we want for maximum hilarity:

Round 25

Arbroath v Ayr: Arbroath win.

Morton v Hearts: sneak a draw.

Round 26

Morton v Alloa (r): thumping home win.

Ayr v Queen of the South: Queens win

Arbroath draw v whoever they're playing.

Leaving the table as follows going into the final day:

Morton 30

Arbroath 30

The Little People 27

Thereby leaving the Arbroath v Morton game to play out like West Germany v Austria in the 1982 World Cup, with David 'Hoppy' Hopkin furiously stalking the touchline at Inverness with absolutely nothing he can do about the stitch-up.

Make it so. 

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The site is supposed to be a place for the extended 'family' of Morton supporters - having an affinity with people that you don't know, because you share a love of your local football club. It's not supposed to be about point scoring and showing how 'clever' or 'funny' you are, or just being downright rude and offensive to people you don't know, because you can get away with it. Unfortunately, it seems the classic case of people who have little standing/presence in real life, use this forum as a way of making themselves feel as if they are something. It's sad, and I've said that before..


So, having been on Morton forums for about 15 years I guess, I've had enough... well done t*ssers, another Morton supporter driven away. You can all feel happy at how 'clever' you are

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Well, given our otherwise timely and superlative social media output, it's a mystifying omission. 

The stadium was just resting in my account

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55 minutes ago, TheGoon said:

Their fans are asking why he haven’t bothered to offer a social media reacharound like Caley have. An odd, odd bunch. 

So Hearts fans want other clubs to admire their team more than they do?

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