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Match Thread - Morton vs Dunfermline (Scottish Cup 12th Jan)

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2 hours ago, hayfever said:

In comparison, it's free testing and lots of options here in Australia. I've been a couple of times to the drive-through which is at the local showgrounds in a giant shed and it's quick and efficient, with results by text the following morning (if negative). The test is the swab in throat then both nostrils. 

Walk-in testing sites available as well, as completely free (unless it's as part of an appointment you are paying for anyway).

We don't have drive-through ones here in WA.
The one I went to was a walk-in in a large temporary marquee type structure at the local hospital.
Strange thing was that it was pay and display parking, so everyone going for the test needed to press the touch-screen display to get their parking ticket.   No-one nearby to wipe down the display after each customer.   No wipes nearby to let you do it yourself.

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Look at her riding pillions on Davy’s sea-bike, carrying an apoplectic macaw in a silver hoop. Oh, Morton, let’s go there this winter!  Or learning the Japanese chinchona from that Kobe group, in a dress that looks like a blowtorch rising from one knee, and which should sell big in Texas. Morton, is that real fire? Happy, happy little girl!

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5 hours ago, Jamie_M said:

Good to see the match is running on time, according to the official site anyway.


Depends which page on the site you go to


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