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Let’s hope that’s the end of Muirhead being first name on the team sheet most weeks. Likely the players themselves, will have a better idea of who to have on the pitch than Hopkin did. In fact most supporters would make a better matchday squad selection than Hopkin. All we need is to play our best players and that will be enough. Certainly better than that craven shitfest on Saturday against Hearts.


Might put a couple of quid on Morton to beat Dunfermline. Seen that sort of thing happen so often when it is completely counterintuitive.

"Any nation given the opportunity to regain its national sovereignty and which then rejects it is so far beneath contempt that it is hard to put words to it."

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Finally have gotten myself a new handle and account for the forum. For some reason years back, I could not get signed in and it was easier to sit back and read all the negative rubbish about ownership

Where’s Dave MacKinnon? After spending last week e-mailing Hearts fans to reassure them that we shouldn’t be on their naughty list, now the shit’s properly hit the fan, he’s nowhere to be seen. S

That's a belter even by this forums standards. I suppose it's the fans fault that our club is a running joke amongst players in Scottish football thanks to how it's run.  I suppose it's the

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I have zero sympathy for Morton or any other club giving it the guilt trip card again. Did someone put a gun to their head when they voted to proceed with a new season and just gormlessly hope that there wouldn't be a second wave against all available scientific expectations? They've then run ahead with the foolish streaming model. Morton's actual all-round package may be belatedly better than most but it still does not meet any sort of real value for money judgment. Fans are also contributing to MCT: this is not some magical source of brand new money.

The bottom line is that any losses sustained this season are the result of decisions made by the owners and the current board. It's time for them to put their money where their mouth is or indeed hand over the keys to Cappielow so that the club's balance sheet is no longer a mess that couldn't deal with a cold snap never mind a global pandemic.

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The site is supposed to be a place for the extended 'family' of Morton supporters - having an affinity with people that you don't know, because you share a love of your local football club. It's not supposed to be about point scoring and showing how 'clever' or 'funny' you are, or just being downright rude and offensive to people you don't know, because you can get away with it. Unfortunately, it seems the classic case of people who have little standing/presence in real life, use this forum as a way of making themselves feel as if they are something. It's sad, and I've said that before..


So, having been on Morton forums for about 15 years I guess, I've had enough... well done t*ssers, another Morton supporter driven away. You can all feel happy at how 'clever' you are

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It would have been nice if Crawford could have left the club in any other state than death's fucking door by the time he swans off (while retaining the stadium).

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Peter Weatherson is the greatest player since Ritchie, and should be assigned 'chairman for life' 

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So, in a selfless act he resigned to allow the club to save money. 

why did he not just offer to work with no wage as he is not getting one now. 

shambolic club and the Rae family have all but killed the club. 

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