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Match Thread - Arbroath vs Morton (Championship 21st November)

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If people don't want to watch our away game turgidball then there's a very easy solution right now tbh. You're not travelling to Gayfield and standing in freezing conditions, you can just choose not g

Awful, absolutely awful performance. If I hear “tough place to go” and “good, well-drilled team” mentioned I’m going to lose it.  

That looks like our best team. Could maybe swap McLean for McGinty but the rest should be first picks. And please no taking our best players off after an hour just to get game time for subs if the fir

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Our "wing backs" are pinned back so badly, and despite the numbers they look comfortable in the middle, so there's nothing going forward.

The stadium was just resting in my account

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I have this on in the background and it's still been the longest 17 minutes of my life. 


Good people will do good things, bad people will do bad things, but only with religion do good people do bad things!



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1 minute ago, TONofmemories said:

Set up not to lose to Arbroath. Pish 

To be fair, they've scored *checks notes* two goals in their *checks notes again* two draws and two defeats so far this season, so it's altogether great that we're treating this like a trip to the San Siro.

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The stadium was just resting in my account

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1 minute ago, Jamie_M said:

Hopkin found.

If he, too, wants this suffering on the eyes to end then yes. Who do you want me to pick next week?


Peter Weatherson is the greatest player since Ritchie, and should be assigned 'chairman for life' 

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