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All the club needs to do is have Dougie wear the jumper for a post match interview (ideally after a win) and watch the sales rise.

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McGhee needs some support, there's no-one backing him up.
Hayes playing it forward, Bell being forced to do it all alone, now forward from Marr, here's Ritchie, still Andy Ritchie, look at the control...

That is a marvellous goal from Andy Ritchie. Twenty minutes on the clock and Morton's supporters come alive. A goal which epitomises the control, the arrogance, the cheek of Andy Ritchie.

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On 11/10/2022 at 7:12 PM, dazza said:

Dunfermlines new 3rd kit. Would have liked to have seen something like this for our away kit. 


Not possible though because someone at the SPFL definitely told Iron Man that under no circumstances whatsoever would Morton ever be allowed to play in colours of our own choice. 


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The site is supposed to be a place for the extended 'family' of Morton supporters - having an affinity with people that you don't know, because you share a love of your local football club. It's not supposed to be about point scoring and showing how 'clever' or 'funny' you are, or just being downright rude and offensive to people you don't know, because you can get away with it. Unfortunately, it seems the classic case of people who have little standing/presence in real life, use this forum as a way of making themselves feel as if they are something. It's sad, and I've said that before..


So, having been on Morton forums for about 15 years I guess, I've had enough... well done t*ssers, another Morton supporter driven away. You can all feel happy at how 'clever' you are

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