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Morton in the media

El gofer

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Thought I would start a thread as this and not just Morton in Nutmeg!

I don't have a subscription to Nutmeg but have enjoyed the podcasts and also purchased last edition digitally plus free ones.

Anyway, I ordered print copy. Issue 16. It arrived today. I knew there was an article about Cappielow by Daniel Gray who does the digital stuff. It was a nice article. He captures the ground quite well, although no mention of the sauce table.


Anyway, the thing that has really caught my eye is in the pause for thought section about what people are missing about football. Load of folk like Brookmyre, Cosgrove, Joel Sked, Craig Telfer etc etc.

First one is by Kenny McIntyre and he devotes half of his 800 or so words to our very own Chris Buchanan.

The guy really is a proper ambassador for us and I am glad that Hopkin and the club also recognise this.


Keep up your good work big man!


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Nutmeg magazine is a quarterly that has been going for about 5 years. It's a decent read and it is for Scottish football.

Thanks, now what is a Joel Sked?


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