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The Rae Family's Legacy - Part One



Part one of four. In this mini series, we analyse the legacy left behind by the Rae family. Dean, Stephen and guest panelist Alan Coyle reflect on Douglas Rae buying the club in 2001, the 2003 Third Division win, the collapse and 'betting scandal' of 2003/04 and the subsequent seasons through to winning the Second Division title in 2006/07.

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Enjoy listening to the podcasts. One thing that I would mention is when people talk about decisions made in the boardroom. Very few decisions were ever made in the boardroom. Most of the decisions about Morton were made by Douglas Rae while sitting in his office at Golden Casket. Dougie was an autocrat and just as it was at Golden Casket his word was law and nobody was supposed to questions it. He didn't like being challenged and would just ignore you if you did. It was his way or the high way.

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