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  2. They're really not. That's classic tabloid journalism of linking ex player to vacant job. A bit like suggesting that McInnes will be through the door when Gus does the decent thing. A very strange owner, who doesn't seem to be able to fulfil the promises he was writing when he was trying to sell season tickets in the summer. Sold 9000 season tickets then forgot to buy anyone decent. Instead picking up a load of jobbers who couldn't get games and resigning some of the dross who missed out on the play-offs on goal difference last year. Realistic chance of a drop to the fourth tier, with him appointing the defensive coach indefinitely as caretaker. The defensive coach who oversees the worst defence I can remember at the Valley. There seems to be a certain consistency in the teams that I follow.
  3. They're currently spinning down to the fourth tier of English football, so there's every chance they're daft/incompetent enough to do so.
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  5. It's not faux outrage to expect the club that you support to have some kind of standards of decency for the players they recruit, and to feel badly disappointed by them when they recruit a sex offender. Regardless of whether or not he is a good player, I would sooner have a hapless jobber without his talent, knowing that he wasn't a wrong'un of that sort.
  6. This is crucial as far as I'm concerned as it essential if we are to avoid the mistakes of the past and install some real determination to drive improvement on the pitch and expectation among the fanbase. Simply surviving is not a medium to long term strategy.
  7. Doesn't sound too different to what Chairman Ritchie might be saying in twelve months' time unfortunately. I'd like some clarity on why a two year deal was handed out in the summer given the financial instability of the club: who signed off on this and why was it deemed necessary? I'd also like clarity on how first team performances will be evaluated. What are the benchmarks for performance; how regularly will this be reviewed; what insight does the club use to exercise this judgment? The key task at the moment is to make sure that fan ownership retains the appropriate degree of professional oversight over first team issues, as well as openness between the board and the fanbase on how the new structure works in practice. Otherwise it risks being run like a glorified social club, and down with the Brechin we could swiftly go.
  8. TPS were in with a shot of the Finnish 2nd tier title until recently. They had a big table-topping clash with VPS but lost 3-1 at home. Now they're going to finish second, or possibly third, and go into the promotion playoffs with fellow Ykkonen sides RoPS and Jaro, and top league SHOCK TROOPS Oulu. As a reminder, last season JJ's outfit finished second last in the top flight, losing to KTP in the playoffs. Let's hope lightning doesn't strike twice for our beautiful, brave boy. I don't believe for a second that Charlton are the least bit interested in his managerial skills.
  9. Aye, fair. It was an open-ticketed event (i.e. you had to register to attend but anyone could do so) and as we can hilariously see there was no Prime Minister's Questions pre-vetting.
  10. When i say scripted i should have said vetted. It looks an open forum to ask whatever to me.
  11. Looks scripted to me, this fucking welt thought he'd give an inspirational speech, then one guy claps, then another guy, then everyone's on their feet cheering, hoisting him aloft and dousing him in Gatorade. Every other chairman/board member in the country must have watched that through their fingers. It's fine to say that stuff when things are going well but Falkirk just got humped 3-0 at home and they're as close to League Two as they are to the Championship. What on earth possessed him?
  12. At least they have the balls to face a fanbase though. Doesn't seem at all scripted either.
  13. I suppose we can all take comfort in the fact that we don't have this board: Absolutely delicious viewing 😂
  14. Good on him, tbh. The football under Gus has been fucking abysmal and unlike the Duffy era, who got some success from it, we aren't getting any breaks atm with this "style" of football.
  15. I think the Tele are being a bit er, smart…with the headline itself, but it is pretty remarkable to see a player openly stating to the media the manager isn’t doing his job correctly. I’d assume Oliver knows he’s got enough backing from the squad to put it out there too. They may have all had enough, and I can’t blame them.
  16. I see that Gary Oliver has come out with an extraordinary rant in the Tele today claiming that 'long ball tactics' need to be ditched to stop our current run. I can only presume this interview was held back from weeks ago, because since McLean dropped out of the side we've been quite easily retaining the ball rather than launching it. Unfortunately for those screaming to 'get the baw on the deck', we've also been passing it in the turgid manner of the Johansson side, which gives the opposition all the time in the world to jog back into their defensive shape and keep us at bay. When faced with that problem, the job of a number 10 - who we have built our entire toothless attack around - is to work effectively in those tight spaces to break the opposition down and still create chances. So if there is anything that needs to be ditched based on ineffective, recent performances, it is in fact 'Gary Oliver'. And turning in one of his four very good games per season at Palmerston on Saturday would not change that conclusion at all.
  17. I can see why people are unhappy but when there's little information or clarity about anything controversial it tends to get blown out of proportion so complete silence is only going to magnify things regardless of what options are.
  18. I agree in that we should have addressed it somehow, but the faux outrage is OTT IMO.
  19. I think it all comes back to everything being a bit faceless and a severe lack of comms. Don't really have a huge problem either but if we had a board member or general manager who gave regular updates and said something along the lines of "the manager identifies players and, as a board its our duty to do due diligence, contractual or otherwise, before completing the signing." No real need to address individual signings directly but at least have some accountability on show. Obviously not everyone would be happy as some are dead against this signing but it would show the decision making process and give some comfort to show its all been considered. Instead there's a growing lack of trust.
  20. Ive zero issue with it either tbh. He committed the crime (a long, long time ago) and has had several employers since. I'm sure hes remorseful for his actions, whether he went about apologising the right way or not. Its not really our business. A huge song and dance is being made about it IMO. This "we're a community club signing a sex offender" is complete nonsense and nothing more than a good excuse for people to get the claws in. Let's be honest, no one out with anyone with a real interest in Morton A. cares and B. probably knows who he is. I agree with TRVMP's assessment. Morton could have done a bit more, but the actual signing is a non-event tbh.
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  22. That's a bit of a financial disaster. That's a hospitality sellout lost there.
  23. You're spot on there. We are on opposing sides of the debate, you were comfortable with the signing when I wasn't. But we've both recognised the need for the club to listen (something I don't think MCT do enough of currently) to concerned supporters and offer them a friendly ear at the very least. The club board, and in particular the director who took it upon himself to make this decision, showed ignorance and nonchalance in abundance on this issue, and I sincerely hope that MCT have learned lessons from the whole debacle.
  24. To prove that there are polarized views on this - I don't actually have a problem with the club employing Lithgow. What he did was obviously reprehensible, but it was also many, many years ago with no sign of any repetition or further conviction. Other people are more than entitled to give him a wide berth, and I would judge nobody - particularly women, and particularly women with children - who did so. But I believe in redemption and I believe that people can get their head down and try to live a normal life and make a living. But at the same time, I think the club, by ignoring the elephant in the room, scored an own-goal here. Obviously what Lithgow did was not comparable, but if you recall the Luke McCormick case, Plymouth always acknowledged "we are signing a guy who has done something terrible in his past - here's why we are doing it, here's what he says." By not doing that Morton showed a real lack of concern for those people I mentioned above who, for what may be extremely personal reasons, were shocked by this decision. You'll never please all the people all of the time, but if you don't even try you please nobody.
  25. No I dont, dickhead. But in a supporter owned club a decision as controversial as recruiting a convicted sex offender should not be in the hands of one or a few people to overrule the thoughts and feelings of a sizeable amount of the support on the matter. That was and remains a fucking disgraceful decision.
  26. Hospitality for next Tuesday's game cancelled for non-disclosed unforeseen circumstances.
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