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  2. Unless you're living in the US or Latin America, obviously yes.
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  4. The collar extending into the blue does look shite, but 'we've been played' is particularly hyperbolic. Is the account ran by some random wallpuncher?
  5. Not answering this on MCT's behalf at all but that depends on conducting a sober cost-benefit analysis of running an academy system for the first time in its existence. In the heady blue skies and helicopter thinking days of the Geordie and his Trust mates, we were of course told that the club would be paying nothing at all to build and maintain the setup and this was of course utter bollocks. Our setup subsequently failed to get into the credible bracket of academies that are massively subsidised under the hugely flawed Project Brave scheme to the detriment of any independent competitor. When even the likes of Hibs are rumoured to be putting their youth setup at least on hiatus for the coming season, it's worth questioning whether it's both i) sustainable and ii) rational to keep our own system going when there won't be a pound going spare on other priorities any time soon. The youth players that break through to the first team still in time require professional wages like any other first team signing would: unless there's a queue of suitors waiting to snap them up for a transfer fee then it acheives little tangible value in itself. The MCT statement has indicated that it values the 'they'll support one of their own' argument, which won't be applicable if 'our own' are getting shoed by fucking Montrose on a regular basis. That said, there should be at least equal concern raised about the largely lazy, rent a jobber merry-go-round system that clubs of our size have been using for years. That lower-Championship standard players like Darren Jamieson (Arbroath GK), Paul Paton, Darian McKinnon etc. are instead dropping all the way down to stupid wee outfits in the fifth to seventh tiers in their droves this summer signals a major shift in preferences towards overall financial security versus playing at the appropriate level among professional footballers. As we've also seen ourselves with McHugh's utterly pathetic choice of fourth tier football with King Snake. The bottom of the established full-time footballer market in Scotland is collapsing, which was probably inevitable but has been accelerated by the impact of the pandemic. If/when MCT acquire the reins, identifying a new transfer strategy based on hard-headed reason rather than blind attachment to either of the above models has to be the top priority.
  6. Have we really though?
  7. Sounds like a bit of a clown tbh.
  8. Why do the hoops on the arms go diagonal?
  9. Just signed up, change is requires as we were stagnant in recent years. The Rae's have done a good job since Scott era but time to move forward and great to see so many fans following suit
  10. I see that MCT have had an increase of 128 new members since the announcement - that’s pretty good going in less than a week! 30% increase in 5 days is pretty impressive. Given that a lot of existing members have also increased their contributions in that time, I’d be keen to know what the total monthly contribution value is now.
  11. I saw that “Greenock Morton Fans Page” on Twitter saying “we’ve been played” over the white extending onto the blue hoop on the kit. I know the boy that runs that page is a bit weird to say the least, but it’s not really a big deal, is it?
  12. Yellow border on each chevron and you can have my money.
  13. The white extending into the blue is annoying to say the least.
  14. I don't think much will change between last season and this one. GC closed the purse last season to make us live within our means, so it'll be same again this season. If anything it'll be MCT who will be watching the pennies.
  15. I think the priority this season is to finish mid-table - keep clear of the relegation zone but without spending enough to win promotion. The current owners will want to keep costs under control. Nest season we can start thinking about the way forward in the longer term. If we end up skooshing the league anyway because everyone else is really shite,, that's a bonus but I don't think it's likely.
  16. I met him about 2006 at Kings Park in Stirling when Keir was playing in a football tournament, he was handing out the prizes. Only spoke to him briefly, but found him to be a genuinely decent, friendly and down to earth man. RIP
  17. Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone had any information on a Robert Williamson who was the club chairman in then 40s or 50s and also a John Williamson who was the club secretary. Can't find any information online. Appreciate it was a long time ago but would be thankful for any help.
  18. Any division that includes Alloa, Arbroath, Ayr, Queen of the South and Raith isn't one in which mere survival is a credible target. We should be aiming to do slightly better than last season as well as in 2018/19 given how weak the rest of the division will be with the possible exception of Hearts. I'm not suggesting that this will be an easy task given the transition that will also be underway but we have a chief executive and manager who have experience of working at this level and now a year's understanding of this club as well: this is the point when you expect to see the benefits of that knowledge paying out. Speaking of paying out, it looks like the job retention bonus announced by the government last week could land the club a windfall of £10k or more (£1k per employee) as well, based on how many players re-sign and paid backroom staff were furloughed and return.
  19. Your shares are in GMFC Ltd and will be unchanged. Cappielow is owned by GMFC (Property) Ltd.
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  21. With the potential for the club and Cappielow to be split into two separate entities, what is going to happen to the shares that many of us have in GMFC?
  22. Funnily enough I was thinking about that time today. He spent a good amount of time talking to us and was genuinely interested in who we were, who we supported albeit he got Morton & St.Mirren a bit mixed up but he was a smashing big guy. A true gentleman. The term 'legend' is perhaps one of the most overused terms in in Football however there was a guy that was deserving of the term - both on and off the park - someone that reached the peaks in the game and that all genuine Football fans could really look up to. It was sad to read that he was struggling with lymphoma and dementia in his final days, but he's at peace now. God bless you Jack.
  23. That would be classed as breach of furlough. Other clubs have done it though. Just noticed I missed the launch by a month.
  24. Got mine today and quite happy with it but it did occur to me when I got the email that I wasn't actually sure what it would be like as all we ever saw was the computer imagine. How hard would it have been to get a sample made up and sent out to one of the players? Even with a decent phone I'm sure you could get something reasonable from a players back garden.
  25. Aye absolutely. If we had a better commercial presence you'd inevitably get more attendance from and sell a lot more stuff to the local Celtic/Rangers fans as well even if it's just buying tops for their weans if they see stuff on social media etc. Make of that what you will but we'd still happily take their money.
  26. Spot on. We've been cursed forever with a total lack of understanding about the importance of marketing a professional image to the fans and wider world. In this day and age it is inexcusable no matter the pandemic or other local problems. and no matter what regime is in charge the problem remains. This is bread and butter stuff and not giving a fuck is really quite shameful when every penny counts.
  27. Ah, got it now. With 100 new members in the first couple of days after the announcement, I don't foresee there being a problem for next year.
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