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#1104184 The Famous v Partick

Posted by SpoonTon on 04 November 2018 - 12:49 PM

Their back four was so bad that I just wanted us to punt balls up there to let them make mistakes.
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#1103765 Queens vs Morton

Posted by SpoonTon on 30 October 2018 - 06:56 PM

Kilday and Lyon starting :lol:

Why are Kilday and Lyon in particular getting the :lol: ? You could do it for few others as well. Tumilty has a goal a game average for goals he has sold, Buchanan has been all too fond of inept defending as well.

A general all round :lol: would have been much more appropriate. That being said, this had a Duffy feel about it, when the line up looks so mystifying that we all look stupid when it ends up working.
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#1103656 Ross County vs Morton

Posted by SpoonTon on 28 October 2018 - 03:54 PM

Unimpressed with Johansson's failure to take responsibility. The whole defence embarrassed themselves with individual errors, particularly Buchanan, and you could argue a manager can't do much about individual mistakes from players he didn't sign who aren't good enough, but it goes further than that. The defensive shape is routinely all over the place with no line to speak of at times, players letting their men go and win free headers at set-pieces is the norm and we don't have an answer for runners breaking out of the opposition midfield.

There's an abject lack of defensive organisation and that can only be blamed on the manager. Even if the likes of Buchanan, Kilday and Tumilty are going to make individual errors on anything from positional sense to sloppily losing possession in dangerous areas and you feel Johansson can't be blamed for that, the overall lack of organisation can only be on his head. The number of ridiculous goals we've lost already in his tenure just isn't acceptable and he needs to fix it rather than shrugging it off as the fault of lazy defending on an individual basis.


I would absolutely agree that JJ has some influence over the overall organisation, but it's not only on his head. Being able to organise and work together as a unit is something that the players have to do on the pitch. If you don't talk to those around you, or you give your defensive partners bad advice, then the shape can fall apart. And you can scream at them from the sidelines, but many players are limited to what they have beside them. Buchanan didn't play in a very good Dumbarton defence, and even in that defence he was often beside or behind an experienced player like Darren Barr (whatever his faults later in his career, he was an experienced defender who could talk players through things).


Look back at the goal we conceded at home against Ross County at home. Buchanan clears the ball and loses his man behind him, so he points to McKeown to cover behind. There are a couple of problems here. McKeown already had a man on that side, and his covering only served to play two players onside. To prevent the chance occuring, either Buchanan has to ask Kilday to cover (or Kilday reads the danger and take charge) or he steps up and controls the line to play the runners offside. Much of our shape comes with what the players do on the pitch. And we can coach and advise to shore up those weaknesses, absolutely, but we look rudderless on the pitch, and that's a big problem. It's a problem that's been there since the very start of the season at Ayr. We can blame McKinnon's experimenting there, but there are too many basics we failed at that day - and those failures have been consistent all season. 

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#1103625 Ross County vs Morton

Posted by SpoonTon on 28 October 2018 - 09:56 AM

Just watched the goals. Gregor Buchanan is dreadful. He plays his own offside line with no regard for where anyone else is. He just stops at the second goal. Goals one and four show just how simple it is to get behind our defensive line. 


MacLean is very naive at the third goal. The fifth goal was just lazy by Kilday.


It is far too easy to create chances against us. Look at the highlights of any game this season and you'll see the same thing - a terrible defensive line, non-existent marking, and all-round defensive naivety. JJ doesn't seem to have a clue how to fix it, but it would be a mistake to think that our defensive players are ok - that back four is atrocious. I've said it quite a bit this season, but Buchanan has been nowhere near good enough in all but one or two games. There is no-one in defence who is directing the back line. 

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#1103600 Ross County vs Morton

Posted by SpoonTon on 27 October 2018 - 09:46 PM

It's not as if JJ is picking crazy lineups that we're all scratching our heads at. Manager's and their instructions absolutely make a difference, but I find it hard to believe that he's suddenly turned them into a team which is incompetent defensively and blunt in attack. He probably just doesn't know how to cover up their deficiencies.

The way I see it, and I've said it a few times now, we deserved to be hammered in the opening League game against QotS. We couldn't have complained about being 3-0 down at half time in that one. We dug one out at Alloa and then beat Ross County with a couple of brilliant strikes. I'm not sure it was all as positive as the 7 points suggested.

I think one of the big issues now is that JJ hasn't got a handle on how to cover for our weaknesses, which imo stem from a complete and utter lack of defensive organisation. JJ certainly has to take a portion of the blame, but it's really quite simple things that's letting us down. Our defence has coped well with any level of pressure this season. JJ either needs to work a miracle with the players, or find 2 or 3 defensive signings in January.
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#1102562 Takeover Rumours

Posted by SpoonTon on 17 October 2018 - 11:51 AM

The feeder club line gives me the fear. We could have a beneficial arrangement with a couple of loan signings that suits both parties, that could be a great way to improve our squad, but the thought of simply being a total feeder club with another club having an influence over our staff, being forced to pick loan players regardless of their standard and pretty much losing our independence as a club would be pretty terrible.

It was aiming for that kind of arrangement with Hearts that rooted Cowdenbeath to the bottom of League Two, as they persisted with a terrible manager to avoid pissing Hearts off.

We'd constantly be at the mercy of clubs and agents whose players would have to be guaranteed game time. And as a club our primary aim would be to run for the benefit of others. That might benefit us at times, but it's a big risk and we'd be losing our own identity as a club.

My main fear with the Easdales has always been that they seem to be deeply entrenched in a big club/wee club mentality which doesn't really met with how the hardcore support view the club. The other big fear is that they don't have any substantial cash to part with, so a takeover of the club would be likely to be mixed up some other scheme (like being a feeder club for clubs/agents).
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#1094769 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by SpoonTon on 21 June 2018 - 09:01 PM

Jai took us to a League Cup semi final a couple of months after we knocked back the £100k. Financially and in footballing terms he more than made knocking it back worth it.
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#1094549 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by SpoonTon on 19 June 2018 - 10:02 PM

Russell taking an age to decide.

Not performed consistently enough since League 1. We need an upgrade if we're to challenge.

Russell played consistently well in our first season back in the Championship (winning a couple of fan poty awards I'm sure). He got off to a very good start to the following season as well. So it's not true to say that it's been since League One. A patchy 18 months though, certainly.

Messing with his position has been a big problem. He's been terrible at left midfield (and cente mid!), and I don't think that helped his drop in form. I actually think he played pretty well at left back over the last few months, but never got a decent run there. In his last game at left back he was excellent - it's easy to forget that when he's then played in three different roles in his next three matches.

We've got Iredale so it would be tough for him, but he's a good left back at this level. I'd actually say his only really poor run at left back was over the end of the 16/17 season, and patchy form there at the start of last season.
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#1091096 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by SpoonTon on 09 May 2018 - 09:06 PM

Im one of the fudbook guys that have said we should have signed up Harkins, Lamie and Murdoch. I dont think replacing Harkins is an easy task, the folk in this thread suggesting Tids is going to replace him have been watching a different Tidser from me. Guy hasn't seriously kicked a ball for us since he came back.

I think its shortsighted to let our player of the season walk out the door to a promotion rival. Harkins setting up Dobbie is pretty deadly. I also worry that Murdoch and Lamie, potentially Oliver will be looking at whats going on and decide to leave as well. Remember this squad doesnt need a complete overhaul.

Hopefully the new man is appointed sharpish and brings some stability, for now though I'm pretty worried.

Very much disagree on Tidser.

The new manager should be allowed to build his own team. If Harkins was irreplaceable at this level he would be going to a better side than QotS. It's not as if the top half of the league sides were fighting over him and it's not as if he's confident enough to wait and mull over what might be the best deal - he's taken an early offer to make sure he has something. He could have waited a week and signed for the new manager, but I can only assume that he wasnt confident enough to be certain that he would have been what the new manager was looking for.
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#1086940 On This Day

Posted by SpoonTon on 08 March 2018 - 07:49 AM

Somehow I don't think that this has quite went the way that AyrshireTon wanted it to go - call someone a 'dickhead' because of a flag in the vain hope that it will turn into some pro-SNP thread, with the Colkitto's all rushing to the rescue. Wake up, it's not 2014 anymore.

This is from a school teacher too. I despair for the children.

I don't get the impression that AyrshireTon has ever been some massive SNP cheerleader. You can't deny that the union flag has strong connotations with the Rangers support and the tit for tat between old firm fans that most Morton fans like to keep out of. I think the sentiment expressed was simply an assumption that it was part of that, and something we don't want to be associated with. Maybe he was wide of the mark, but I don't think it was some pro-SNP, anti-union call - simply being strongly influenced by the symbolism of the old firm.

I think your agenda was maybe clouding your interpretation of his post.
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#1084710 On This Day

Posted by SpoonTon on 08 February 2018 - 04:20 PM

Never been to Brechin but didn't realise they had a big stand behind their goal. I always assumed their ground was more like Stair Park or a downmarket version of Somerset Park.

They've got a wee tiny Junior style main stand, some terracing behind one goal, a bigger stand built a mile and a half behind the other, and a hedge. It's like an amalgamation of lower league Scottish grounds, with a hedge. Character.
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#1082155 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by SpoonTon on 09 January 2018 - 04:36 PM

McKay was the type of loan player than you're never going to get the best out of as the club loaning the player. He just wasn't in it 100%. That was made clear at both Raith and Morton. What wasnt clear was whether he had the intensity required or not - he has since shown that he does (I was surprised to see him as a player who would chase down balls that looked like lost causes). I'm not convinced he'll ever move up a level but he's a much better player than he performed out on loan - and I'm of opinion that this was down to the intensity not being there out on loan (which isn't uncommon for loan players).
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#1079116 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by SpoonTon on 24 November 2017 - 09:46 PM

Which’ll be why this is the third post you’ve made since my latest labelling of Bachirou as a little rat.

I made my posts because I have a different opinion on it, not because I was trying to deny anyone else their opinion or because I'm bothered that there are those on here with strong views that are different to mine.

I'm not annoyed that you think he's a little rat, I'm just putting across that not everyone feels that way about it.

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#1079111 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by SpoonTon on 24 November 2017 - 08:13 PM

None of what you’ve said makes Bachirou’s behaviour anything better than an absolute disgrace. That other players do similar is of no concern to me, as I can’t think of any who have done it to our club.

Our winning of the title that season and relative success since doesn’t in any way make his actions and treatment of everyone else at the club somehow acceptable.

Your opinion on it is different to mine. I'm not bothered by that either.
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#1079100 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by SpoonTon on 24 November 2017 - 06:16 PM

No big deal? He continually claimed he was unfit to play when doctors passed him medically fit. Letting down his team mates, the people that pay his wages and the fans. He's a rat with the morals and integrity of Ed de Ball.

He missed 2 cup wins and then left before the league started. We got a decent enough fee, won the league, and he obviously made a good move for himself. He forced the move, but it reached a conclusion in decent time. Sometimes players do that. Sometimes managers try to force players out they don't want. It's often not pretty, but I'm not going to hold a grudge over it. It's not even as if he made a big public fuss about it or bad mouthed the club or anything.

I'm not remotely bothered by it.
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