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In Topic: Whacking Day Part II - Grangemouth Edition

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

Ooft. A game changing shot... off target.

I stand corrected. Performance of the season.

Bit of a sitter, to be fair. And a stonewall penalty denied to us right before it for the shirt pull.

In Topic: Championship 2018-19 Thread

12 December 2018 - 05:53 PM

My point is, in isolation of Halloween characters and what not, is it really racist?

In the case that I stated earlier, yes, absolutely (he's absolutely a racist and likes that he can make his point in that way). I think much of the time that's the case (in terms of either intention or willful ignorance).

In Topic: Championship 2018-19 Thread

12 December 2018 - 12:46 PM

Why? The whole point in fancy dress is to dress up as characters etc. If one of them happens to be black do you just avoid it?

I don't think so.

I'm not up in arms about this or anything, but does anyone really do this innocently? Are people really that naive or thick?

My father in law did it for Halloween. The reason he did it wasn't because he really wanted to be a Somali pirate but because he liked that it would wind people up. He knows he's being racist, and he's happy with that (though he'd call it realist, not racist...).

Edit to add: I realise some people probably are that thick, so never mind.

In Topic: Morton VS Dundee United - Saturday 8 December

10 December 2018 - 07:23 PM

Having watched the highlights, I definitely criticised Gaston a bit too much at the time for their goal. From my view, I thought he was trying to see it out and it dropped it, but he does genuinely try to make it. He might just have got there had they not had a player on the post.

Also, I'm not completely sure that Telfer's shot was going in after all, it might just have been spinning wide. Quite hard to tell from the video.

I said at the time that the angle from the cowshed was misleading with regards to Dundee Utd's goal, and my instinct was that it would have been a top save if he kept it out.

I take back what I said about Tumilty though, by that angle it looks like it's going to spin wide and the player at the near side actually makes it a closer offside call than I thought as well. On both counts it's certainly understandable why he decided to knock it in.

In Topic: Morton VS Dundee United - Saturday 8 December

10 December 2018 - 09:48 AM

I thought Millar struggled to get a hold of the match in the first half but was very good in the second (even if his passing was a little off at times). Tidser also played well. I'm going to be unpopular here but, one poor pass aside, McAlister was the best of the lot.

Buchanan had a tremendous second half. Wish we had that Buchanan all the time.

McHugh changed things for the better when he came on and very much improved things at that end of the pitch (Thomson also improved as the match went on).

We didn't get much out of Tiffoney and Telfer, but the latter at least would have scored if his goal hadn't been denied by Tumilty.