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What do you hate about Morton?

31 December 2019 - 05:04 PM

Given that the ‘I love my club’ thread predictably died on its arse after a couple of pages of largely meaningless fluff, it’s worth granting the much stronger, opposite sentiment a thread of its own. Think of it as a common venting chamber for all that is and has been abysmal, disgraceful or just plain pathetic at this once-proud football club that its custodians should be striving to resolve at once.

I’ll kick us off:

- The fact that a stupid, wee, tinpot outfit like Livingston, possessing a fraction of this club’s core and potential fanbase, started the current decade in the Third Division and finish it sitting fifth in the Premiership; while in the same period a parade of Morton managers have tried to claim that a midtable finish or mere survival in the second tier is the most that supporters should ever hope to witness at Cappielow.

Your turn.