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In Topic: Female Referees

Yesterday, 11:14 PM

This might not have taken root in Europe yet, but here in the US trans women are dominating high school sports in some disciplines in some (mostly north-eastern) states, and I think that will be the most visible example of crossover competitors, rather than a blonde woman playing on a men's team.

That's an interesting slant on it, with all this LGBT equality etc. Could the likes of, say, Gregor Buchanan say he identifies himself as a woman and get called up to the Women's national team?

In Topic: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday, 11:05 PM

Why would anyone want hard yoke? That's called a ****ing omelette mate.

No it's not, it's called an overcooked fried egg.

In Topic: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday, 11:03 PM

Both of which are completely unnecessary additions. 

This is where you're wrong as this potato farl was leavened in some way - making it less dense and better at soaking up the flavours around it than the bog-standard potato scone. That some of the butter melted and seeped out of the packet raised the score of the farl and the breakfast as a whole to a new level. 

Nothing wrong at all with the quality of the meat; while the beastly obsession with runny yolks has already been dealt with. Next.

That whole breakfast looks bog-standard mate. Just wait till you discover a Premier Inn buffet, it will revolutionise your life :)

In Topic: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday, 10:43 PM

Grilled tomatoes are awful but otherwise this is spot on. 'Farls' are especially bad.

I like a grilled tomato and a few 'properly' cooked mushrooms, they're the perfect addition to a cooked breakfast, and even for things like a good steak and chips at dinner time they also go down a treat. Those who would screw their nose up at these probably wouldn't ever have had them cooked properly.

Mushrooms should always be cleaned and dried, and cooked with butter, a drop of olive oil, pinch of salt and a small squeeze of fresh lemon to taste.

Tomatoes - although I say grilled, they're best roasted for the same length of time as sausages. Best cut in half, with some salt and cracked black pepper and a small drizzle of olive oil.

In Topic: Female Referees

17 March 2019 - 11:24 PM

What does your attraction to her, or her hair colour, have to do with the matter?

A lot, really. As a really good looking female refereeing the game could get a bit of special treatment from the fans, who may be a bit more forgiving towards her for any errors which she may make, in comparison to a female who looked like a dug chewing a wasp, who may not be cut any slack at all.

It's a bit of a game-changer if you ask me. It is also the pre-cursor for female players playing in the men's game.