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In Topic: alloa v morton

12 January 2019 - 08:52 PM

JJ is the easy target here. It was the BoD's who handed out a two year contract to an untried manager only weeks after the transfer window shut. Even now, this window has been open for almost a fortnight and the progress has been very poor.

It's easy to say that our budget is gone but there are three millionaires sitting in the directors box most games and yet we still struggle to match even our part timer peers. Something has to change, and soon before the crowds begin to move away again.

And then you went on to say "Talking about the BoD's mate"
I assume you are talking about the Easdales and Crawford as the 3 then?
You just needed to say that mate. Save the confusion!
Enjoy yer night mate.

In Topic: alloa v morton

12 January 2019 - 08:27 PM

Never said they were on the BoD's mate.

Do you go to school?

You said there were 3 millionaires on the Board of Directors and then responded to another post by saying you were "talking about the BoD's".

What are we missing here, mate?
Who are the 3 millionaires, or are you talking about the Director's box ( Box of Directors) on a Saturday afternoon?

In Topic: Morton vs Ross County

05 January 2019 - 01:47 PM

County certainly created better chances in the first half but only one or two were clear cut at all. We weren’t carved open at any point. An ‘incoherent mess’ by contrast would be the 5-0 defeat up there not too long ago.

Too many people were simply venting their resentment about the manager and the season as a whole last night instead of viewing the match as a single event against stronger opposition. Hence the mass toys out of the pram about ‘sitting back at home’, ‘kick and rush’ and other such nonsense.

The next test will come when we need to play in a more assertive way against weaker opposition.

Totally agree.
They had plenty of the ball in our half in the first half but did not create much.
We were the better team in the second half.
The tactic will not work against Alloa though.

In Topic: Morton vs Ross County

05 January 2019 - 02:17 AM

Buchanan was given the bottle and awarded by BBC alba.
Both were excellent.
Millar or McHugh also could have got the award.

In Topic: Morton vs Ross County

04 January 2019 - 09:50 PM

I thought McHugh was outstanding in the second half.
JJ got the shape absolutely right. Limited them to few meaningful chances. They had loads of the ball in the first half but didn't do anything with it.
Back 3 stood up well especially Buchanan and big Kerr.
Tumilty looked much more comfortable in a back 5 as did McKeown.
Great win.