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In Topic: Arbroath v Morton

Yesterday, 11:55 PM

That’s plenty. Mark Russell was in the same category until he washed up playing for some tinpot Irish rabble for a living instead.

Mark Russell isn't Lewis Strapp though. Well get a couple of million for him. It will just get reported as £50,000 as the lesser Rae's will concoct a fly move with the rest of the transfer fee so they can plead poverty for even longer.

In the meantime, continue with your 'ivry buddy chips in munny' subscription, as your £300 a year season ticket money isn't enough and can only buy complete whammy's.

In Topic: Arbroath v Morton

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Am a long time supporter but live in Crieff now with young family so haven't made as many games this year.Today was horrible. We got suckered into a game of head tennis and boot the ball. Free kick was for nothing then we're one down. Positives? Defence was solid enough. That's it. Nesbitt was disgusted with himself when subbed to be fair. Don't remember one bit of midfield play. Strapp makes Mark Pickering look like a library assistant. I like him. Hopefully the players knew what Hoppy was yelling at them. Sitting behind him I had no clue. Well done the support today.

Lewis Strapp is a great player. Probably the greatest Morton player we've produced since Derek Lilley.

In Topic: Arbroath v Morton

Yesterday, 06:56 PM

If they write off the debt as promised they can laugh all they want imo.

Never accept a promise from a liar.

The lesser Rae's haven't covered themselves in glory since DDFR passed away.

In Topic: Time To Go, Hopkin

Yesterday, 06:45 PM

Well we will have the most expensive season tickets in the third tier next year. That's where Hoppy the Hoop is going to take us.

Edit to add:

Here comes Zhivago for his usual 'woo-hoo, look at me' gloat. Fuck off in advance.

In Topic: Rangers FC - Abuse cover-up discovery

Yesterday, 06:34 PM

Every Yin has it’s Yang, and that’s no more apparent when discussing Rangers and Celtic..
I accept (and fully endorse) your point about the Rangers fans having to eat a bit of humble pie after giving it the Big Jock Knew patter for the best part of 20 years, but let’s have a wee bit of balance, here.
The Celtic fans’ response here shouldn’t be mistaken for empathy for the victims- they’re loving every second of it and are merely milking it in a different way.

Well of course Celtic fans have no empathy for victims of wrongdoings at either their own club or that of their biggest rivals. They struggle to even acknowledge that their own club raped and molested countless young children, and caused immeasurable damage to Scottish Football for several generations. Why would they want to own up to that, the victims of their own club are fellow Glaswegians and not Palestinian Muslims. There won't be any plaudits to be gained from those with anti-Semitic leftist agendas by trying to clean up the human tragedy their own club left in their own communities.

Another horrible club.