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#1094915 Duncan Douglas Foulds Rae Obe 1931-2018

Posted by TonInDublin on 24 June 2018 - 09:31 AM

A sad day for sure - not only for the Rae family but for Morton. And a day to focus purely on the positive and leave all sorts of other postulations for another time.


What is undeniable is that this man had a huge passion for our club, invested heavily in it, and was core to its survival when we needed him most. He was, above all, a Morton supporter.

He has a family that has continued that passion so far, and he should be rightly remembered fondly today by all Morton supporters.


My over riding enjoyable Dougie moment was when he was being launched up in the air by the players at Starks Park when we had secured promotion out of the second division.

There was a super half hour of togetherness with the players, management, board and supporters that lives long in my memory. A spontaneous, "you had to be there" kind of moment.


My deep sympathies go to Crawford and the extended family - with deep thanks for everything your father did for my club over many many years.


Ar dheis De go raibh a anam agus codlamh samh Dougie.

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#1095748 Season Tickets

Posted by Toby on 11 July 2018 - 09:45 AM

Surely people realise it's the die-hards that have bought season tickets, because it was such a good offer... and very significantly, to avoid the absolute farce of having to join two queues to get into Cappielow on match day? It wasn't new/lapsed supporters...


I may be wrong, but I don't think the significant increase in season ticket sales is any indicator that we are actually going to have larger attendances in the coming season. People have just decided to pay up front, for the reasons above, meaning that ticket sales on an individual match basis will be significantly down.


Financially, unless we have a very good season and attract the floating fan, the club will surely be worse off due to the large uptake of early bird season ticket sales?? i.e. people that maybe attend 13/14 games per season (there are plenty of those), didn't bother buying season tickets previously, as there was no real saving. This time around it was worth buying a season ticket if you reckoned you'd be at more than 10 games. Doing the arithmetic, let's say 14 pay on the day matches at £20 = £280, against £199 for a season ticket.... that's the club £81 down per supporter of this type. 


I'd say the increase in season ticket sales is largely down to this group, those that know they are going to miss a few games, deciding it was worth buying this time around. 


There's going to be a financial gap.. surely?  How is that gap going to be filled? Concerned me as soon as I heard how cheap the season tickets were. It's all very positive sounding saying season ticket sales are up 40%, but it doesn't add up financially for me...


Look at the state of Colin Darroch trying to pour scorn on a positive. Did you buy a season ticket, Colin? We're getting to the middle of July now and drew 0-0 with Forfar on Saturday so if you did, it's maybe time to storm back to Cappielow demanding a refund, you insufferable f*ckwit.


I'd suspect that Crawford is looking at this as a loss-leader, and next season will keep renewal prices down in order to make buying a season ticket a habit for the majority of the support- in turn making it more convenient for the majority to attend Cappielow, keeping costs at the ticket office down, allowing the club to work with a guaranteed budget and gradually building the hardcore support.


Of course that doesn't suit Colin Darroch's attention seeking agenda against the club though, does it? Plenty on here have spoken of their desire to speculate to accumulate- that's exactly what the club are doing, as well as increasing the playing budget at the same time, and replacing a manager with a year left on his contract who most wanted shot of, even after what will probably be a loss making financial year up to 31st May 2018.


It's very easy to say , "Ah yes, but look at the deficit, it's increasing every year". The old way didn't work though, and it's Crawford's club now. He's looking for ways to improve things instead of sitting on his hands. Nobody with any sort of business nous would just take over a company and allow it to continue making losses without trying something.


It could end up like Stephen Thompson taking over from Eddie at Dundee United, but at the very least I'm pleased to see the effort he's putting in to make positive changes.


Some of our support though, most notably Colin Darroch, would love nothing more than to see him fail in order to say he told us so.

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#1102195 Greenock Morton v Snake Mountain/The Cappielow Riot Part II - 20 October 2018

Posted by dunning1874 on 08 October 2018 - 11:14 AM

As much as I'd enjoy turning Cappielow into the Ali Sami Yen for a day and talking about all the ways we could make things hellish for Falkirk has been funny, there's a serious point to be made here.

While almost everyone hates Falkirk now, there are several posters on here who have been hating them for years with their relationship to Morton being largely irrelevant to that. That's because those posters know what they're like as a club. They have that lethal combination of a sense of entitlement and persecution complex that usually only manifests itself at the likes of the Old Firm and Liverpool.

They believe the world should bend over backwards for them and whenever they're treated fairly they claim they're being bullied; then even when they do get that special treatment they still find an excuse to make themselves out to be the victims. It's that attitude that leads to the ridiculous level of myopia needed to claim that their local council hate Falkirk and are out to get them when that council put up millions of pounds of public money to contribute more than half the cost of building a stadium, despite Falkirk also having made a fortune from the sale of Brockville, because the council now have the gall to charge them rent rather than just writing off £3M+. They continue claiming persecution from the council even though they've since put more public money into building a car park and now training pitches as well.

It's a club and fanbase that sees no hypocrisy in trying to take an under contract manager with no compensation, having once furiously condemned Dundee United and Ian McCall for the same thing and spent months pursuing them, claiming they were looking for £500K in total for a manager, assistant and one coach who had two years left on their deals.

It's what leads to their club furiously complaining because one of their players was banned for abusing Dean Shiels about his eye on the pitch, with the reaction of their fanbase ultimately being to say that the real issue is that Dunfermline are grasses and that this is further evidence of the authorities being out to get them, harking back to Motherwell being saved from relegation over Brockville. At no time was there any condemnation of what their player did. It's Old Firm level conspiracy theorising, adding huge delusions of grandeur to the entitlement and persecution complex in thinking that Falkirk are actually relevant enough for anyone at the SFA to care about them.

This is a club who will always, always scramble to find the moral high ground in any scenario, and will probably find a sympathetic media outlet to back them up.

While we want a hostile atmosphere, the second anyone starts throwing things at the dugout, pitch or even their bus outside the ground, you're handing them that moral high ground. You're giving them a legitimate reason to detract from the lack of compensation and manner of their approach. It changes the story from Falkirk and McKinnon being duplicitous and trying to weasel out of paying what they owe to 'no one should be treated like that at the football and Morton need to be punished for the behaviour of their fans'.

Aside from the issues of whether behaving like that is acceptable and if you're willing to risk a banning order and jail time, if this is going to be dragged out with the potential of ending up in front of the SFA or SPFL, the club really can't afford for the media narrative to turn against them like that. Don't give them an excuse. Let the story be Falkirk getting hounded on the pitch.
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#1096416 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by vikingTON on 18 July 2018 - 06:19 PM

Keenan however, is clearly scrambling for all sorts of Scott McLaughlin-esque relevance with the Morton support with that sort of tweet.

Let’s stop talking about them and keep them irrelevant.


Disagree with this approach for two reasons.


i) This isn't some generic, s*** 'bantz' between fellow footballers in a dressing room - this is a couple of senior, washed up, crap failures with a snickering bellend like O'Ware in tow trying to call out a player at the very beginning of their career for a lack of professionalism - a player who they almost certainly have had no meaningful interaction with. Tumilty himself probably doesn't need anyone to give him hauners against that job lot, but their behaviour should publicly be called out to highlight the players involved as arrogant cretins. Perhaps a negative storm on social media will affect their future employment chances or, at the very least, stop them from getting the type of attention that the likes of Keenan really crave - being treated as a fascinating 'personality' of lower league football as opposed to just being a complete and utter moron who stunk the place out.


2) Ignoring the comments is also boring whereas The Famous reducing Keenan or McAnespie to a frothing mess via social media trolling would be both fun and piss-easy to accomplish, because they're quite clearly thick as ****.


Get them hounded.

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#1091054 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by cmdc on 09 May 2018 - 02:18 PM

Well done Crawford, you've just publicly invited all our rivals to help themselves to our best players. Well played.

Yep. Can only imagine their possible availablility was a complete mystery to clubs and agents until that statement was made.
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#1091051 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by Jamie_M on 09 May 2018 - 02:03 PM

Well done Crawford, you've just publicly invited all our rivals to help themselves to our best players. Well played.


Thinks that will have any bearing when clubs could have been speaking to them since January.

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#1031778 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by Toby on 03 May 2016 - 08:59 PM

Ten years on, and after spending the whole season in the play off positions without threatening to actually win the league, former manager Jim McInally's Peterhead fail spectacularly at the first hurdle once we get down to the nitty gritty. Can't think where I've seen this story before.


Another play off failure for oor Jim, better hope there are no sectarian bigots that are losing their patience in the Peterhead support.


Fantastic :D .

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#1102480 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by Toby on 14 October 2018 - 08:43 PM

Good luck to Duffy is what I say. Took us to the playoff and Hampden and seems a decent guy. He gets the Partick job then good luck to him.

Nah- I liked him too, but f*ck wishing a guy who could be going to one of our direct rivals well. especially a horrible wee club like them.

We’re Morton fans, not Jim Duffy fans. Hope he has a nightmare and they go down in the play offs, joining those peasants from Grangemouth in League One.
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#1095757 Season Tickets

Posted by vikingTON on 11 July 2018 - 10:57 AM

I may be wrong


Stopped reading here; awarded red dot anyway.

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#1090588 The Big 2018-19 Squad Thread

Posted by dunning1874 on 02 May 2018 - 10:40 AM

I know that part of Duffy's modus operandi is to make the players feel comfortable in their environment, but the fact the players stating their bemusement really begins to point to a club with absolutely no real ambition. If the players believe that finishing 7th is acceptable then we need a manager who's going to give them a boot up the arse.

Yeah, that the players seem to be perplexed by this says a lot about the ingrained attitude in the squad.

I felt there was a telling slip from Duffy on the radio last night. Gary Naysmith was talking about how tight the league is and how anyone can beat anyone, usual clichés, and Duffy came in to mention beating Dundee United 3-0 as an example. He then said words to the effect of 'for Morton to beat Dundee United 3-0, to beat Dundee United at all, but especially to win 3-0 at Tannadice is unheard of.'

If that's a manager's attitude, that Dundee United are basically still a European Cup semi-final stature of team and little Morton can't possibly be expected to compete with them regardless of how bad they get on the pitch, is it any wonder the players downed tools and settled for fourth as something to be celebrated a year ago when we were in a position to comfortably finish second ahead of them?

The plucky little Morton attitude needs purged.
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#1074774 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by cmdc on 10 September 2017 - 12:43 PM

No idea but tastier than Burslem lobby I would think. No doubt GG is enjoying eating his humble pie though. That guy knows how to build a career.
Has he told you whether he likes Abba yet, I have him pegged as a Pet Shop Boys fan.

You seem like a bit of a dick.
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#1048109 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by vikingTON on 21 November 2016 - 11:50 PM

Pics or it didn't happen.

No, it simply happened. And no one in their right mind would give pictures to a creep like yourself anyway.

Back in your box then.
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#1048079 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by vikingTON on 21 November 2016 - 07:39 PM

Ed de Ball - posts: 531

Reputation: -1000 (Bad)


Another effortless victory for The Clique. 



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#1047654 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by LargsTON on 17 November 2016 - 07:48 PM

You can't be that good at it if you're still practicing.  :blink:

You must be an expert at giving Ernie a bawhum by now.
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#1100545 Mckinnon To Leave For Falkirk Tonight

Posted by cmdc on 07 September 2018 - 10:49 AM

Have heard that the Easdales are forcing Johansson to make their boy assistant manager. More as it comes in.
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#1099991 Mckinnon To Leave For Falkirk Tonight

Posted by EanieMeany on 03 September 2018 - 05:22 PM

Should refuse their directors entry, no comp tickets, nothing. If the **** want in, let them buy tickets.
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#1099620 Mckinnon To Leave For Falkirk Tonight

Posted by Toby on 31 August 2018 - 09:34 PM

"The friendship and regard that Falkirk had for our club". :ill:  :ill:  :ill:  :ill:


Pass the f*cking sickbag, they're a ****ing disgusting shower.

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#1099614 Mckinnon To Leave For Falkirk Tonight

Posted by TRVMP on 31 August 2018 - 09:31 PM

Fair ****s to Crawford but now he has to follow through. He's made a public allegation that Falkirk tapped up our manager, and he knows that's serious, so he won't have done it lightly. Now he's said he will involve counsel. We'll, let's take it to them. Let's absolutely rinse these theiving scumbags. Every Morton fan is right behind you, Crawford, if you take the fight to Falkirk and McKinnon and Taylor.
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#1099372 Who Next?

Posted by LargsTON on 31 August 2018 - 06:01 PM

I'll be ****ing ecstatic if Falkirk get relegated and that **** is flung on the scrapheap.
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#1096753 Who Is The Biggest Arsehole To Have Played For Morton?

Posted by dunning1874 on 23 July 2018 - 12:17 PM

Thomas O'Ware 2011-18
Some might say that it's harsh to include Thomas, given his longevity, goalscoring record and relative success at Morton. It's not. He's a dick. Surprising then that he didn't actually receive a vote, but with such a high calibre of candidate, competition is fierce. There were always tales of his arrogance and ego, but the straw that broke the camel's back for most was the announcement that he'd be going prior to the final game of last season. After a relatively poor season, it wasn't pleasant to hear that he'd been desperate to go the season before. Whether that affected his performances is doubtful, but he'll not be missed. Here's hoping he paid his £12 in yesterday.

While I agree that there are far worse than him with this fierce competition and in the grand scheme of things he pretty much just sits in the long list of players with an ego who were nowhere near as good as they thought they were, I think you're being far too kind to O'Ware there. I don't think it's doubtful that it affected his performance at all - I think it's an absolute certainty that it did.

He didn't try a leg all season because he genuinely believed that he was considerably better than all the players around him and could get away with strolling through games, which also explains his Stuart McCluskey style tantrums with the rest of the defence after his own mistakes directly resulted in goals. He didn't view it as a deflection tactic, he genuinely believed he was blameless because how could a player so far above the level of the rest of the defence be responsible for that defence losing terrible goals? He was the weak link but has such an inflated opinion of himself that he believed he was holding the defence together without even trying.

His attitude was an absolute disgrace and he admitted as much himself with his interview after leaving. The way he conducted himself over the season is a far bigger issue for me than announcing his departure in the media without telling the club, which is of course snaky behaviour itself.
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